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OOPS! Dealing with Overthinking

What can stop the play? Overthinking.  It has the power to bring the play to a complete halt.  Luckily, there are ways to slow the perfectionistic over thinking and bring back the play.

In the video, you’ll those ways in action and be sure to check out the message I have for that over thinking voice at the end. Hint, it isn’t something you’d find on a Hallmark card.

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Overthinking creates obstacles and the first one was what on earth was I going use to play on but this decision could take days when overthinking. So 3 second rule to the rescue and scrap cardboard became my substrate.

The overthinking voice in my head doesn’t give up so quickly, so it presented the next obstacle pointing out that the cardboard was brown. That meant I had to paint it white or use gesso.  I really don’t like brown.

What did I do? I gave the overthinking voice the raspberries and just hit it with Marabu Art Spray. Right on the brown. GASP!

What is the 3 second rule? 3 seconds to make a decision and go.  In the video  you see me grab a handful of scraps but you don’t see the box.   It’s basically a pile of  leftover bits that have accumulated. Next time you are playing, save those bits and scraps. They make a wonderful place to reach into when you’re over thinking, like I was today.

Saying what is on your mind can feel empowering, freeing and I had some choice words for that over thinking voice today.

In the video, you saw that overthinking voice come back again and again, but the 3 second rule kept me from being stuck in overthinking and allowed the play to happen. If you ever find yourself over thinking, try the 3 second rule and see what happens.

Here are the supplies used. Some of these links are affiliate links which means I get a small percentage. It doesn’t cost you anything extra and it helps keep the free tutorials coming!

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  • Sheltren Robbin March 9, 2018, 8:17 pm

    I love your playful approach !

  • Annette March 9, 2018, 10:27 pm

    Thanks, always, for your play!

  • Karen Mooney March 11, 2018, 10:22 pm

    I don’t have a website. I am on fb under karen mooney. I hope this will be good enough. Thanks, karen