Permission To Play: A Free Mixed Media Workshop

UPDATE ***This version is now closed to new registrations, but check out the latest version of Permission to Play here.***

Want to create, to play, to be loose and free but not quite sure where to start or how to do it?  That’s why I created this free workshop, to help you reawaken your creativity by focusing on 3 specific steps you can take to embrace the fun.  We’ll be making an art journal out of ordinary cardboard as I share some of my favorite mixed media techniques. Get signed up and let yourself play!

What does play mean for me as an adult?  Play means not worrying if it’s perfect or right or if it’s good enough. Play is about the fun, the process, the moment.   Hint…the more fun you have the more you like what you create.

Since the process of growing up made me forget how to play, I had to rediscover how to do it as an adult.  You’ll see 3 of the play reclamation strategies in action while we make an art journal out of cardboard. Notice how I used that big word to make it sound scientific.  That keeps the grown up part of me happy while the rest of me gets to play.

Who is this workshop for?
-Is it for someone new to mixed media?
-Is it for someone who wants to be creative but feels she isn’t? Hint I think you are creative if you even wish you were and a workshop like this can help you reawaken your creativity
-Is it for some one who is already creating but wants more freedom and playfulness?

The answer is all of the above!

Don’t just take my word for it…here are what students are saying!

This Art Journal book has been a fun book to create. I am fairly new at all of this Art Journaling and Mixed Media. I am just loving it. I guess this was the kind of Art that I have been looking for for years. I just love it because it is so freeing and life changing.- Valerie

I have just cut up 3 boxes, can’t believe how happy it makes me feel to look at the pile of excitement in front of me. Don’t think I will be coming out of my studio any time soon -Marian

I wanted to thank you because I am liking my art and not thinking it sucks anymore. I am an abstract artist by heart and every time I try and do something else I don’t like my work so thank you for giving it back to me by allowing myself to play. – Cindy

All I can say is, thank you so much Carolyn. I love playing with paint, and have wanted to do art journaling for quite some time. My efforts haven’t been giving me any joy, until I joined this little class. You have helped me break the barriers significantly. I really appreciate your teaching. Thank you.- Christine

Paint, stencils, rubber stamps, and spray inks, OH MY! 

Do you have to have all of those supplies? Absolutely not!  Play is about freedom and fun, not rules so I encourage you to use what you have and substitute for any of the supplies I use. The basics needed to build your journal are cardboard, a piece of ribbon, and a pencil.

UPDATE***Permission to Play 2.0 – all new and updated is now open for registration***

When does the workshop start?  As soon as you sign up you can start playing. Watch the videos as your schedule allows since all the videos are all downloadable and you have forever access to the classroom.

5 Downloadable Video Lessons!

A free 5 lesson workshop for you with each new video lesson every 3 days starting as soon as you sign up.

  • 5 lessons + a bonus lesson
  • Downloadable videos
  • Lifetime access to the classroom

UPDATE ***This version is now closed to new registrations, but check out the latest version of Permission to Play here.***

Carolyn Dube Art Adventurer and Play Enabler

Jump on in and join the fun! I’m looking forward to seeing what you create!


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