Permission to Play Free Workshop

If you’ve ever felt anxious about making mistakes, struggle with simply enjoying the process of creating, or been afraid it may not turn out perfectly, then it can be really tough to let go and play. But it doesn’t have to be that hard!

It took me years to figure out the specific strategies that quiet perfectionism and help you let go, be more spontaneous, and feel the freedom of play. It doesn’t have to take you that long because I’m sharing some shortcuts to the play in Permission to Play. This is a free workshop built around three of the Play Principles so you can get to the fun faster.

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Join me for this one week workshop where each day you’ll get a new video. This starts now, the moment you get registered, so you can dive right in! Once you’re a member of Permission to Play, you’ve got lifetime access so you can watch or rewatch it on your schedule. And yup, the videos are all downloadable with closed captions too.

What supplies will you need for this workshop?

This is a use what you have workshop as we create a cardboard art journal. Here are the general supplies and I encourage you to substitute at any time with what you have on hand or feel called to use.

  • Cardboard to create the pages. Nothing special about the cardboard. It can be from any box you’re willing to cut up.
  • To get layers on the pages we’ll be using paints, gesso (or just use white paint), gel medium or a glue stick, printable pages (included in the workshop) and stencils. Yes, any paint in any color in any brand you have will be great!
  • To bind the pages together, we’ll be using a very common item to create the holes (and no it’s not a hole punch) and then any ribbon you have.

Who is this workshop for? Anyone who wants more play, to let go and have more fun with their art supplies, and fully enjoy the process of creating. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to mixed media or been doing it for years. Since I cover the why and the how, even if you’re new, it’s all there for you. If you’re more experienced, it’s inspiring to see another perspective and the reasons behind decisions.

Most will agree that play is critical for children. But it’s also critical for adults too!

  • Play helps you manage and release stress.
  • Play sparks creativity and imagination.
  • Play supports flexible thinking and problem solving skills.

These are just some of the benefits of play! And by play, I mean whatever kind of play you enjoy. If you’re reading this, you probably are like me and enjoy playing with art supplies!

The good news is that even just a few minutes of play can make a positive impact on an adult! However, when you’re a full blown grown up, it can be tough to actually do it, to let loose and play. That’s where Permission to Play is handy. I’ll be guiding you through three strategies that can help you play more easily with the art supplies you have on hand.

Join me for Permission to Play. It’s totally free, so you’ve got nothing to lose and a whole lot of fun to gain!

Get on the waitlist to know as soon as registration opens back up again for this free workshop!

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