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Transform Your Tape

Video tutorial sharing how she turned cheap boring reading glasses into works of art!

It’s an honor and privilege to be able to age and grow older.  Now I need reading glasses with my contacts…and the reading glasses were less than exciting.  I bought several cheap pairs and they just looked blah.  I had to find a way to embrace them…so I turned to the rainbow and transformed these [...]

Apparently, I only buy gift wrap for Christmas, baby showers, and weddings.  I needed to wrap a gift and could not find an appropriate wrapping paper so I made some!  This award ribbon, celebrating friendship, was supposed to go on a gift bag…after making this, I just wanted to put into my art journal or [...]

It’s regularly $35 but until Sunday, September 15th it is just $30! I had a drawerful of washi tapes that I rarely used. I was cleaning out my studio and I realized I bought them because I loved them but I wasn’t using them.  Why?  They weren’t exactly me so I decided to change that! [...]

When I saw Pam Carriker’s designs for Stencil Club I fell in love.  Not with Pam, I’m already in love with her work, with Frida!  I must confess I hadn’t really understood all the buzz about Frida until I had a chance to play with her. I do so love that every month a new [...]

I had, notice I said had, a whole drawer full of washi tapes that I hadn’t been using.  I loved them when I bought them but they just sat in the drawer.  Until I started transforming them with color and pattern.  Suddenly they started being used.  That is the seed that led to my latest [...]