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rubber stamping

Art journaling is all about play for me.  No pressure. No demands.  Just play. This started with a random background that I actually began during my Stencil Play Workshop.  I have bits and pieces of leftovers collaged randomly on the pages.  They go together if you are willing to let your imagination stretch...     [...]

It was just a piece of book text for wiping up leftover paints.  Just a place to test out if the I had reinked the ink pad enough.  This wasn't meant to be anything.  It was junk, but then it wasn't.  I saw a conversation happening between all these people.  They had a message for me [...]

Come Play at Stampaway!

I'm teaching 3 mixed media workshops at Stampaway, and couldn't be happier about it.  Why? The people I meet there are fantastic!  Second, the creative energy and excitement makes my soul happy! (and I always manage to do a bit of shopping there too!) On Wednesday, August 5th, it's Stamping with Paint.  Ever wondered how to [...]

Art Journaling with Obstacles

Obstacles pop up at times.  Some days more than others. Check out my guest post over at Create Mixed Media to find out what obstacles showed up and how I worked around them!

Color Bloom Spray Inks Did Something Wonderful thumbnail

I'm a big fan of spray inks and when there is a new one I have to try it out.  I bought some Color Bloom spray inks and started playing.  They sprayed fine. The big handle was easy to use. They had some shimmer.  But there was one way they were far superior to other spray inks I've [...]

Mixing Rubber Stamps with Stencils thumbnail

Rubber stamps with stencils bring out the best in each other.  Bold  lines come from the stencil contrast the fine details of a rubber stamp.  Working together they created a quick art journal page. There is lots of inspiration for using stencils with rubber stamps in this blog hop with Lost Coast Designs Rubber Stamps and StencilGirl [...]

Altered Book Play for Stencil Week thumbnail

It's day 2 of Stencil Week!  You know I love bright and bold but there is a softer side too.  The more subtle part of me  popped up while I was playing in my altered  book journal.  Who would have guessed that I would use just one color...not me!   Today's stencil, Linked Small, used with [...]

Using Golden’s High Flow Paint with Rubber Stamps thumbnail

I'd heard about the high flow paint from Golden.  I wondered was it really that different from all my other paints?  I lucked into a sample of it and wow, was I hooked! So ordered a few more colors.   Turns out it is different from my other paints. Why? Because it is like an [...]

Be Amazing

Be Amazing thumbnail

There are amazing things and people all around me. I don't always notice them but they are there. When I take a moment to give them a chance their amazing-ness is revealed.  My muse reminded me today to slow down, take a breath, and let the world be amazing. The art journal page I started [...]

A Greek Artsy Fartsy

A Greek Artsy Fartsy thumbnail

I have fond memories of Greece and am in awe of ancient Greece.  Love the old temples, the history, the mystery of it all! When I saw this stencil by Maria McGuire for StencilGirl Products I was flooded with memories of my visits. Maria and I decided this stencil was to be our Artsy Fartsy [...]