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rubber stamping

The Easy Way to use Rubber Stamps with Paint thumbnail

https://youtu.be/gsfZVOs-9Cs Stamping with paint is so much easier when you use a Gel Press plate. Why? Because the gel plate acts at the “ink pad” and enables you to get the fine details in the stamp using paint. As a bonus, not a drop of the paint has to be wasted! In the video you’ll [...]

Shoulding Too Much? Try This thumbnail

There is way too much shoulding happening in our days. Should I get the car an oil change.  Should I finish the paperwork that is due soon.  Should I make an appointment to get my gray hairs colored. I should this. I should that.  Perhaps you’ve got that long overwhelming list of things you should be [...]

Stamp Carving For Beginners thumbnail

What can you do if you don’t have the stamp you want? Carve one yourself. I’m sharing the process I use to make big bold stamps for gel printing and art journaling. You also get to see how I deal with a carving O.O.P.S., one of those Outstanding Opportunities Presenting Suddenly. At the end of the [...]

Ever get excited when you make a mistake? I mean excited in a good way.  That’s what happened as I made this art journal page.  It took a few OOPSies for me to catch on to what the muse was telling me, but eventually I did as I played with the gel plate goodies Ranger [...]

That perfect project never came as I played in my art journal with gelatos and hoarded collage goodies.

There is no expiration date on collage material, it’s not milk after all.  But there is a point at which I have to face the reality that if the “perfect” project hasn’t come along yet, it probably isn’t ever coming.  I might as well just use it. One of the pieces of paper in here, [...]

My Very Sneaky Muse Pulled Fast One on Me thumbnail

My muse pulled a fast one on me.  She’s sneaky that way.  This started as just play, using up leftover paints in my art journal and then bam! This couple in the photo had something to tell me and my reaction took me by surprise. https://youtu.be/3jER40q-VWA Watch Art Journal Play with a Vintage Photo on YouTube. Using [...]

It slices, it dices…well not really, but the Gel Press plate did just about everything for this art journal page! It masked, it stamped, it added the title and of course, made the background. https://youtu.be/f8BWolgkx_U Watch Stamping, stenciling and masking all on a gel plate on YouTube. Using a gel print from my stack of papers [...]

Art journaling is all about play for me.  No pressure. No demands.  Just play. This started with a random background that I actually began during my Stencil Play Workshop.  I have bits and pieces of leftovers collaged randomly on the pages.  They go together if you are willing to let your imagination stretch…     [...]

It was just a piece of book text for wiping up leftover paints.  Just a place to test out if the I had reinked the ink pad enough.  This wasn’t meant to be anything.  It was junk, but then it wasn’t.  I saw a conversation happening between all these people.  They had a message for me [...]

I’m teaching 3 mixed media workshops at Stampaway, and couldn’t be happier about it.  Why? The people I meet there are fantastic!  Second, the creative energy and excitement makes my soul happy! (and I always manage to do a bit of shopping there too!) On Wednesday, August 5th, it’s Stamping with Paint.  Ever wondered how to [...]