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Maria McGuire

Using Up Some of My Hoarded Stash thumbnail

Get Messy?  Yes, that is the challenge for the Craft Hoarders and StencilGirl Products blog hop!  In the spirit of Craft Hoarders I used up some of my hoarded items.  But I was quite surprised by what went through my head as I made this art journal page…and there’s great giveaway info at the end of [...]

  What is the big deal about open acrylics and the Gelli Plate?  I didn’t know until Mary Beth Shaw introduced me to them.  I can’t believe I have lived this long without them….   The amount of the pigment in Golden combined with being Open acrylics means they stay wet longer and allow me to get [...]

There was something fishy about the story that my muse popped into my head as I was playing.  So fishy in fact, that I began to think about the plausibility of the story.  My logical left brain jumped in while I was playing.  That did not go so well until my inner teenager with ample [...]

Life has been busy.  So busy it has been tough to get my dose of studio time.  I have learned that if don’t get my art time I become a bit cranky… and I don’t want cranky heading into the holidays. Corrine Gilman reminded me that art can fit even in the busiest of days.  She [...]

  September is shaping up to be a month full of fun!  So many of my projects are coming together this month and there are milestones to celebrate!  Stay tuned- there is lots coming this month! First up- it’s a bonus month for the Colorful Gelli Party!  Not 1 video but 2!  I had so [...]

Be Amazing thumbnail

There are amazing things and people all around me. I don’t always notice them but they are there. When I take a moment to give them a chance their amazing-ness is revealed.  My muse reminded me today to slow down, take a breath, and let the world be amazing. The art journal page I started [...]