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The hardware store is full of potential art supplies that can encourage play. In this week’s Let’s Play video, the kindergartner in me came out to play. Which isn’t surprising because in the store, as I walked past the sandpaper, I just had to touch it. That sandpaper got me thinking about chalkboard art…I love the look of [...]

Video sharing how to use mesh from the hardware store as a texture tool on the Gelli plate®  to create a background for a very silly art journal page for this week’s Let’s Play link party by Carolyn Dube

Play: Mission Impossible or Mission Possible?  2016’s Let’s Play is all about sharing how I have learned to play so I chose to accept the mission from the muse! This week’s Let’s Play video, I found an art supply at the hardware store, Mesh Drywall tape. How does the hardware store help me play?  There is [...]

This vintage frame all started with a light switch cover from the hardware store!  Full video showing how for this week’s Let’s Play link party with Carolyn Dube

How am I helping myself play this month?  I’m finding art supplies at the hardware store!  These items weren’t intended to be art supplies by the manufacturer but that doesn’t matter one bit! How does finding supplies there help me play?  I can get an unlimited supply, the items are usually quite cheap, and there [...]

Let’s Play Winner Announced! thumbnail

Each month for Let’s Play, there is a $50 gift certificate given away and February’s was to Amazon.com.  I am so grateful for random.org because I couldn’t even begin to pick a winner- so many wonderful people playing! Who did random.org pick?  Janet Joehlin!  Congratulations Janet and keep an eye out for my email with the details! [...]

How to make textured and patterned Gelli prints® with cheap lace video for the week’s Let’s Play link party!

What neglected supply did I find to play with today?  A roll of stiff white lace.  Anything that is white in my studio begs to have some color added. But what colors? Darker colors that I rarely use. Why?  Using often ignored supplies makes playing exciting because it is almost like the supplies are new again [...]

Video tutorial using playcolor paint sticks with rubber stamps to make an art journal background for this week’s Let’s Play link party!

Ever stumble across an art supply that was made for kids but you just had to try it?  That’s what happened to me.  Loved these paint sticks when I found them, used them a few times, and then forgot all about them. The embarrassing thing is they were actually on a shelf where I saw [...]

Video showing how to use a stencil to make word pebbles with Gelli printed® papers for the Let’s Play link party

Have any art supplies that haven’t been used in a while? I definitely do!  I’ve bought things, enjoyed them, and then somehow they just end up in the bottom of a drawer for a very long time. But not today! I’m going to use one them, glass floral marbles which have been collecting dust in [...]

Le’ts Play video tutorial using old dried out rub ons in an art journal and link party!

Things don’t always go as planned…and when it is play…that is more than okay!  The plan was recycle tissue paper that had been gift wrap and old dried out rub ons in my art journal for this week’s Let’s Play video and link party + giveaway. Now, those rub ons really surprised me.  When I found them in [...]

Video full of tips and tricks for Gelli printing® as she uses the round plates in an art journal with a round stencil!

Put a Gelli Plate® and a stencil in my hands and I just can’t stop playing!  This was supposed to be just one page..or that was my plan..but I didn’t want to stop…so it became 2 pages of play! Today, I’m not the only one playing around, so is Mary Beth Shaw over at StencilGirl [...]

Video showing how the layers built up with gelli printing® and mask on a paper bag for the Let’s Play link party

What’s the play for this Tuesday? It’s a grocery bag!  I’m using something I would have thrown away as my canvas for a little Gelli Plate® and stencil mask play. Technically this wouldn’t have been thrown away…it would have been recycled the traditional way. The “rules” for the Let’s Play link parties are open to interpretation… [...]