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Gelli Play: 1 Pull Wonders

What a Colorful and Imperfect World This Is! thumbnail

My stenciling wasn’t perfect.  My colored pencil work wasn’t perfect.  Nothing on this is perfect and I love it that way!   This Gelli print, made using a technique from my One Pull Wonders workshop, started it all.  The swirls of color started to look like continents and it fit so perfectly with Mary Nasser’s stencil…before [...]

One Pull Wonders has been amazing for me.  Why? Seeing what students are creating is making my soul smile.  I can’t possibly show you all the prints, but here is just some of their art from the sketching on the Gelli Plate lesson!   These turtles, by Christine Long, used the sketching technique to create turtles [...]

Thank you everyone for such an amazing response to One Pull Wonders!   I was having so much fun punching numbers into random.org that I just couldn’t stop at 3.   Hope you don’t mind!  Congrats to the 6 people below who won! If you didn’t win today…never fear! Stop back tomorrow for another chance to [...]

I am so excited to be giving away 3 spots in One Pull Wonders in just about a day!  Want to win one of the spots?  Be sure to leave a comment on my Bloopers post here before midnight on Sunday to be entered.  I’ll post the winners on Monday! Even if you’ve already joined us you [...]

Bloopers are just Oops’s (what is the plural of Oops?).  Things don’t always go as planned…but that is what makes it fun! Well, after you finishing laughing (and you are welcome to laugh at me or with me on this one) be sure to check out the workshop giveaway! http://youtu.be/N2tNCi3YLBg Watch Bloopers from One Pull Wonders [...]

Have you been curious about the Gelli Plate?  Wonder how it works?   Or perhaps, you are already addicted to making  Gelli prints and want some tips to get luscious layers of color in only one pull? No matter where you are on your Gelli Plate journey, this workshop is for you.  Just starting with the Gelli [...]

I love the look of layer after layer building up.  But I have the patience of a squirrel when it comes to taking time to building up layers. I love the entire rainbow of color and I want to use it all at once.  But I don’t want mud.   Is it possible to get [...]