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Crafters Workshop

Jack, his magic beans, and the beanstalk all came to play in this art journal page that was sparked by a Gelli print!  I’m guesting over at Artists in Blogland today with a video of how this page developed. The beanstalk thing makes perfect sense in the video…well, maybe it just makes sense in my [...]

My muse loves it when I try to get brownie points by actually listening to her when she  drops by…if I listen to her, I bet she is more likely to come and play again very soon! My starting point was this paper with the layers on this Gelli print calling to me.  My muse [...]


I wish I could tell you I planned this background carefully, meticulously adding each layer.  Nope.  It was from a Gelli printing session.  My addiction to that plate is becoming undeniable. It is a constant source of joy so I have no intention of giving it up!  So much joy that it is the basis [...]

This journal page brought out my inner child which led to the lost teeth memories.  Granted, my inner child is not buried too deeply.  Especially since my inner child has been playing around getting everything ready for A Colorful Workshop: Gelli Printing!  It starts April 1st.  Lots are signed up to play.  Are you? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10z492Oh_AE [...]

Who knew a cooking class would actually get me to cook!  The instructor showed us how to make tuile cookies.  The batter was spread onto basic stencil shapes cut out of plastic lids and all I could think of was how the batter felt like modeling paste and I had the perfect stencils at home [...]

My box of stencils arrived!!!  Did I mention I am jumping up and down with pure joy !!!!!!  I had no goal when I started this background paper other than to play, play, and play some more!  No rules, no restrictions, no pressure- just play. Here are all the stencils I used on this paper. [...]