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Trio of Houses

The 3 Reasons Why I Use Liquitex Spray Paints thumbnail

There are 3 reasons why Liquitex spray paints have become my favorite, especially with stencils. #1 They consistently have the colors I adore, instead of them being seasonal.  Once I fall in love with a color, I want to know I can get more of it.  Otherwise my inner hoarder goes in overdrive worrying that [...]

As I stood in front of a plain and boring wall, my inner teenager hijacked my thoughts.   Total rebellion against the gray cement.  This wall needed some color and did it ever get some color! That first round of color was empowering.  The second and third were exhilarating.  I couldn’t have stopped if I [...]

  I had a plan.  I didn’t follow the plan.  I rarely follow my plans…but the plan is still necessary for me.  The plan gives me a  sense of security and control but I stay flexible so I can wander wherever the color and pattern takes me.     Step 1 of the plan: Find [...]

http://youtu.be/IdsXHUq-PkM Watch Stretch your stencil by turning it on YouTube.   Stretch your stencil with a simple turn.  Just a quarter of a turn of a stencil can create unexpected bold patterns. To show you the power of turning the stencil, I used the Trio of Houses stencil.  Of course, I can create the expected image of [...]

Spray inks have a mind of their own so I can never control exactly what will happen.  Letting go of that control allows me to get out of my own way and just play! All the juicy spray inks run where they want to run, letting colors mix and mingle giving me a happy surprise [...]