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Stars Inspired by Matisse

Swearing at my Inner Perfectionist thumbnail

The perfectionist in my head had been hounding me all day. Every decision required justification in triplicate.  It was smothering me and it was getting old.  My inner teenager had enough and a few choice words to put that negative critical voice back in its place. https://youtu.be/VKDsvhs5EvA Watch Shutting up perfectionist voices mixed media style on YouTube. [...]

Spray Painting an Old Bike thumbnail

When my favorite bike began to fall apart, I decided to add a touch of color and pattern to it.  Actually, I rainbowized it. Now the spray painted and stenciled bike sits outside my studio year round. I’m rainbowizing an old bike with a touch of color and a few stencils…stencils from @stencilgirl_products . . . #artplay [...]

Gel Printing Outside..a Spring Treat thumbnail

The sun was in that wonderful late afternoon golden glow phase, the birds were singing, and I was playing outdoors.  Springtime is my goldilocks time outdoors, not too hot & not many bugs. It’s just right for play. A basket of fun was put together quickly, of what was on my counter, with absolutely no clear [...]

A Mixed Media Contract with the Universe thumbnail

The muse had me on a need to know basis for this piece of art.  I only knew what was happening in that moment, without any idea of what the next layer would hold.  I was so in the dark, I didn’t know that it would become a gift for my daughter as she graduates and [...]

Art Journal Play Inspired by Matisse thumbnail

How do I find the meaning in my art journaling?  It isn’t always logical.  That random “t” on the bottom of the page would lead me to Marilyn Monroe when I expected to use a Henri Matisse quote.  Along the way for bonus fun, I was able to annoy that logical left brain of mine and [...]

Paint Couture…Gel Printing Rainbow Sneakers thumbnail

Paint Couture…fun to make and fun to wear!  Turns out finding a rainbow colored pair of shoes isn’t as easy as you might think so I decided to make some rainbow shoes!  Clearly, I did not cobble them myself but simply painted a cheap pair of canvas sneakers. Even though you don’t see triangles all [...]