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Mixed Media Mail

Using Washi Tape in My Art Journal thumbnail

Washi tape made a colorful background for an art journal page and since it is tape, there was no waiting for it to dry.  Just the right place for a dancing butterfly man to be stenciled. https://youtu.be/WlcuSPbrgbg Watch Using Washi Tape in My Art Journal on YouTube. Randomly, I filled the page with washi tapes.  You might [...]

Finding Stress Relief in my Art Journal thumbnail

I have a therapist on call 24 hours a day and the sudden change in my world due to broken ankle, has me needing that therapist more than usual.  Who is this amazing helper? My art journal.  She’s always available and always accepting of whatever mood I am in.  Here’s a look at a recent session [...]

I loved the background that started today’s play.  Loved it so much I wouldn’t use it.  That love kept me stuck.  I didn’t want to ruin it so I wouldn’t use it.  Enough was enough. We had to break up. The affair was over. The love had to end.  But how? I threw the entire studio at [...]

What are distress crayons from TIm Holtz?  Video showing how to use them in an art journal and what pens will write on it by Carolyn Dube

What do I do when I have a new art supply?  I play with it to get to know how it works and how well it gets along with other supplies.  As I experimented with Distress Crayons by Tim Holtz I wanted to know if I could I stamp on it and what pens would write on [...]

Video of colorful scribbling, used as her morning pages, is transformed with a butterfly stencil and paint.

What inspired my art play today?  Aggravation…not the game…the emotion.  Thank goodness for Julia Cameron and her morning pages from The Artist’s Way so I could get it all out of my system! I have used Morning Pages to write, on paper with lines and an ink pen, what I’m feeling, thinking, etc. without worrying about grammar, punctuation, spelling, [...]

Why Art and Play are so important for adults!

Why  is play important?  Why is happiness important? They are the same question to me. If we talk about kids, most would agree it is necessary for children to play.  It plays a significant role in how they develop socially, their physical well being, and cognitive development.  But why is it just good for kids? [...]