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Gel printing with stencils tutorial sharing how to build up layers in an art journal by Carolyn Dube

Control is a creativity killer for me.  My left brain likes control, which is quite helpful in some areas of my life, but not when it comes to art and play. Letting go of control is easier said than done but I have found ways to help myself do it. One way is by using a tool or [...]

Going modern with a perpetual calendar step by step

The twists and turns of time have been on my mind with the new year coming and what is on my mind comes out in my play.  I was darn sure I knew exactly how my life was going to go.  I was 18 and full of wisdom…or so I thought.  All this self reflection [...]

Video packed with Gelli® printing play with Dylusions paints and a plain box

Dylusions Paints

It’s the first of the month and that means Gelli® printing fun with the Colorful Gelli® Print Party!  I’m taking Dyluions Paints and  various texture making tools to turn a white box into a colorful box…you know how I am about white space. In the video, you’ll see how I play around and create textures and patterns [...]

As I stood in front of a plain and boring wall, my inner teenager hijacked my thoughts.   Total rebellion against the gray cement.  This wall needed some color and did it ever get some color! That first round of color was empowering.  The second and third were exhilarating.  I couldn’t have stopped if I [...]

VIdeo using PanPastels with a stencil in an art journal background

During a recent conversation there was a word a friend kept using to describe PanPastels. Intimidating.  She had seen some amazing fine art created with them and felt incredibly intimidated because she was not a fine artist. Well, I am not a fine artist.  I am an Oops artist.  That means I can just grab things and see [...]

A Blueprint Becomes an Idea Factory thumbnail

Things don’t always go as planned with me and that is what happened here.  I had the intention of making this into a blueprint type of thing since this stencil was inspired by blueprints of archeological sites.  But my mind took it a totally different direction and turned into an idea factory!  Be sure to [...]

Ancient Blueprints Become a Stencil thumbnail

Blueprints have always captured my imagination, especially ones from ancient archeological sites.  The Terrace homes of Ephesus.  The tombs and tunnels in the Valley of the Kings.  The many rooms in King Minos’s palace in Crete. That was the inspiration for this stencil which is part of my latest StencilGirl release.  To celebrate, I’m giving [...]