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A Colorful Workshop

How can I actually start using all the art supplies I’ve bought? How can I get my mojo back? How can I shut up the perfectionism? When I’m asked these questions, it’s always the same answer. Play. Sure, sounds great but HOW?? How do you actually let go and get to the creative freedom? Let [...]

Gel Printing with PanPastels thumbnail

https://youtu.be/XizOldMbJ1Y Can you use PanPastel on a gel plate? Absolutely! There are things that PanPastel can only do when using it on a gel plate that it could never ever do with paper alone. Understanding how these two supplies interact opens up a whole world of printing possibilities all while sealing in the PanPastels! The [...]

What Can Distress Oxide Spray Do? thumbnail

What can Distress Oxide Spray do?  That was my question as I opened the box and took these out for a spin.  What you’re seeing in the video is my very first time playing with the Tim Holtz Distress Oxide Sprays.  There are 3 things that really stood out to me:  Absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces give [...]

Stenciled and Sprayed! New In-Person Workshop thumbnail

How would you like to turn a cheap plain t-shirt into something artsy & one of a kind? Join me for Stenciled and Sprayed where you will be turning shirts, aprons, canvas totes, heck, anything fabric or cloth you want to bring, into works of art. When people say, “OMG, where Did You Buy That?!” [...]

Early Bird Discount Ends Monday! thumbnail

The early bird discounts ends Monday for Paint Pouring FUNdamentals so jump on in now to get $25 off and get ready to have some fun in lessons like the Slinky Effect, Cells of Alcatraz, and Salt Water Taffy. Of all the lessons in Paint Pouring FUNdamentals, which is my favorite? Hands down, it’s the Dating [...]

What to do with all those Paint Pourings thumbnail

Ever want a big  statement piece of your art on your wall but a voice in your head says it’s too expensive or the pressure to decide what to make is overwhelming?  That’s how I was feeling when I looked at the open space above my sofa until I found an easy answer. https://youtu.be/KHbUclct3qI A [...]

New Workshop! Paint Pouring FUNdamentals thumbnail

Ready to feel the excitement and freedom of paint pouring but wonder how to actually do it? That’s where my Paint Pouring FUNdamentals workshop can help you. How much paint to use? What kind of paint? Ratios and amounts? Making cells? You’ll get all of these answers and a whole lot more in this online workshop. https://youtu.be/PO0gkF0rqeA [...]

Going In Circles Spinning the Rainbow thumbnail

Paint can be applied to a gel plate with just about anything, even a spinning one. This time, there are no brayers, no brushes, just a spatula like tool as cake spinner makes it go round and round.  I might have spun it round and round more than I had to, but it is just so much [...]

Using Your Gel Prints Workshop thumbnail

You’ve got a stack of gel prints but what can you do with them?  Lots!  You can celebrate with them, organize your office in style, wear your prints, play games with your prints, light up your home with gel prints and more. So many possibilities. But where do you start? How do you choose which [...]

How Do You Know When An Art Journal Page is Finished? thumbnail

How do you know if an art journal page is finished?  Here’s my perspective on it.  It’s a very personal thing because what you create comes from your soul and is unique to you. When you look at it, if it feels finished, then it’s finished.  If it doesn’t feel finished, then it isn’t. You get the final say. That also means [...]