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https://youtu.be/DnO1pwjFm0g I never expected my latest stencil to stir up so much controversy. But it did. I suspect that once everybody understands what’s going on with this word, they wont be quite so triggered. As a side note, it also created quite a few kind emails with helpful intentions! What is the word that created [...]

Art Houses thumbnail

https://youtu.be/Hy0twONn2ng What’s the play for today? It’s Art Houses! This is how I’d love to paint an actual neighborhood, but there are practical issues, so I’ll have to stick with mixed media ones for now! In this video you’ll see how I cheat on creating a random or serendipitous look, why I am grateful to [...]

Use Your Gel Prints with Stencils thumbnail

https://youtu.be/fdZRFKwTHnc What can you do with all those gel prints you’ve made? That’s a question I get asked a lot and in this video I’m sharing how I use them with stencils. This technique works with any prints you have, from ones you love to ones you don’t! Adding the stenciling can really shift how [...]

Butterfly Wings Card thumbnail

https://youtu.be/VxEOk-Pqb_g Butterflies make for playful cards to send to friends, especially when you raise their wings as if they’re mid flight! This card is very forgiving to make, as you’ll see in the video! If you’re thinking something didn’t go as planned, you’re right! The play starts with a gel plate and my Butterfly Journeys [...]

One Layer Can Dramatically Change a Gel Print! thumbnail

https://youtu.be/Q6XwkcPg5GQ What can you do with gel prints from your stash that don’t feel finished but you’re not sure what to add next? Use a mask to add a layer! In this video, you’ll see how the prints change dramatically in just a single layer. Whether your print has a lot going on (like my [...]

Stencils are versatile because of all the different ways you can use them and the wide variety of art supplies that play well with them! Here are some of my favorite ways to use StencilGirl Stencils! Of course you can use stencils with paint but what about ink? Absolutely! Here’s one way to use them! [...]

Gel Printing on Fabric thumbnail

https://youtu.be/8PkmOndTA1E Can you gel print on fabric? Absolutely! This is a great way to create patterned fabric for any of your projects. Plus, the bonus is you have it in any color you want! The video above you’ll see the entire process and below you’ll see some other fabric prints used to make smaller gnomes. [...]

Stencil-rific Layers Workshop thumbnail

https://youtu.be/S3yq5k0dEtQ What’s the secret to getting gel prints full of pattern with colors that pop? Magic? Random Luck? Nope, but it can feel like that when you don’t know the process. Anyone, including you, can make prints like these when you understand how stencils interact with paint and color on a gel plate. After all, [...]

Building Layers on a Gel Plate thumbnail

https://youtu.be/AtUbO4dF0bA See how the layers built up bit by bit on these prints on a Gel Press plate. How it starts out with a very loose layer of yellow all the way to the words added at the end and you’ll also see how I handle it I when there’s a layer I don’t like! [...]

An Mini Interactive Mural thumbnail

https://youtu.be/wmlZfWAKch4 Interactive murals are those that have chalk (or markers or paint) nearby so that everyone and anyone can participate. My favorite are the big fill in the blank kinds. But that isn’t practical to create indoors, so I created mini ones. It will have the look of chalk, but there is zero chalk involved [...]