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deli paper

Video Using a Little Gelli Plate® and a Big Stencil for Happy Art Play

What am I sharing for this week’s Let’s Play link party?  Plop, plop, but no fizz fizz, but oh what a relief play is…okay I might be a little slap happy from the play…As I was playing with a little Gelli Plate® and a stencil, I got the most wonderful thrill plopping it right on the paper. In [...]

Couldn’t get sharks off the brain so they ended up in my art journal!  Captured it all on video too! Inspired by Discovery Channel’s Shark Week

What’s swimming around in my head?  Sharks thanks to Discovery Channel’s recent Shark Week.  Brought back all sorts of nostalgia for me since I remember when it all began.  Yes, I’m that old. I am amazed by these creatures…but it’s not like I want to swim with them in the open seas.  I am a big [...]

Video showing what a round Gelli Plate can do -so many many things!

Would the 6″ round Gelli Plate be much different than the big one? I wondered…I wasn’t sure until I played with it.  It is different! The size feels so different than the 8″ plate.  And thanks to the size, what I could do with it in my art journal blew my mind.  Take a peek at [...]

Ancient Blueprints Become a Stencil thumbnail

Blueprints have always captured my imagination, especially ones from ancient archeological sites.  The Terrace homes of Ephesus.  The tombs and tunnels in the Valley of the Kings.  The many rooms in King Minos’s palace in Crete. That was the inspiration for this stencil which is part of my latest StencilGirl release.  To celebrate, I’m giving [...]

A Painted Deli Paper Birthday Card thumbnail

I needed a birthday card and I just wanted to play in my studio.  So, how can I do both?  By making an oversized card myself!   A great bonus of making the card, I was both happy when I made it and happy when I gave it. I used things like Deli Paper and [...]