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Words To Live By

A Colorful Crayon Rubbing with a Stencil thumbnail

https://youtu.be/FCOnC8ZEwKc Stencils make great textures for a crayon rubbing. If you did the leaf rubbings as a kid in school, it’s the exact same idea, just with a stencil! Start by placing a piece of tissue paper on top of your stencil. I’m using my Words to Live By stencil. Next, use a crayon to [...]

https://youtu.be/HxALbe1THcE What can you do when you want colorful fabric that’s uniquely yours? Print it on a gel plate! That’s how I made the colorful fabric that I turned into protective face masks. I never would have expected to be needing these- but if it helps keep us all safer, and this blasted virus to [...]

It’s not always easy to play but it is always soul nourishing when I do! What makes it hard to play some days?  My inner critic.  That critical voice in my head. I stood in my studio, stuck.  Totally unable to decide what to do. Then Funky Town, the Pseudo Echo version from the Awesome 80’s, [...]

Video of the creative chaos of an art journal

Sometimes out of chaos comes something good. And there was plenty of chaos happening in this art journal from the very beginning.  It was a mess.  I had no plan which was very clear as visual overload hit in the middle!  But out of that chaos emerged a story. http://youtu.be/gaAhU_r-QXE Watch Creative Chaos in My [...]

An art journal page doesn’t have to happen all at once.  Truly, there are no rules when it comes to art journaling and play.  A few weeks ago I stenciled the heart with paint and let it be until I had a  stack of PanPastels out on my counter that were whispering to me. I [...]

StencilGirl Products and Xyron are playing together with a hop filled to brim with ideas for both stencils and adhesives!  While playing around in my art journal with Xyron’s adhesive dots I found Kleenex gave me just the look I wanted.   http://youtu.be/-uMdckmIdtk You can watch Xyron Adhesives and Kleenex on YouTube here.     [...]

    Words have become an important part of my life both personally and as a part of my art.   I chose  words and phrases for this stencil that captured the feelings that are important in my art and my life.  No surprise this one is called Words to Live By.       [...]