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Union Stencil

Gel Printing on Fabric thumbnail

https://youtu.be/8PkmOndTA1E Can you gel print on fabric? Absolutely! This is a great way to create patterned fabric for any of your projects. Plus, the bonus is you have it in any color you want! The video above you’ll see the entire process and below you’ll see some other fabric prints used to make smaller gnomes. [...]

Quick Gel Printing Gift Wrap thumbnail

https://youtu.be/4U-rR6wszUM I ran out of Scotch tape while wrapping gifts. O.O.P.S.! It was an Outstanding Opportunity Presenting Suddenly so instead of running out to the store, I did something else. I gel printed a big piece of paper and sewed the gift into a pouch. No tape needed! This was speedy gel printing all about [...]

How to create an altered book art journal page with stencils

It was just going to take a moment because all I was doing was using up the last bits of color on the brushes.  Don’t want to waste the any part of the rainbow after all.  No reason to turn on the video camera.  This is just cleaning off a few brushes. And then I [...]

Gelli print with stencils

It is super easy for me to get caught up in the overwhelming to-do list of the holidays, the rush to get to every event, and all at the same time be in the moment to feel the joy of the season.  To get to the joy of season part, I had to find a [...]

  Welcome to day  5 of  Stencil Week celebrating my latest release at StencilGirl!  Today might be the last day of Stencil Week but never fear….there will be more stencil and creative fun coming here on the blog and on YouTube!  If you don’t want to miss any of the fun you can subscribe/follow  all [...]