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Sketchy Women

https://youtu.be/rVspJhN4uZA There’s an easy way to add the color to these Sketchy Women so that it’s loose and free. As a bonus, it uses very little paint too! Along with the how in the video, I’m also sharing several ways I used the women in my play. Creating crisp stenciled images i Use a small [...]

Giving Her Stenciled Wings & A Surprise Meaning thumbnail

https://youtu.be/ls66P8fKZnI Backgrounds in your art journal never expire, they aren’t like milk or mayonnaise. They can wait until you’re ready to add another layer. Even if that takes years, like this one did. As I began, I had no idea of the message that was waiting to be revealed in the play! This page has [...]

How I Dealt with Being Completely Stuck thumbnail

What’s the play for today?  It’s all about being stuck and what to do about it. I was in my head.  One minute I loved a certain part of it, then the next, I didn’t like that same part.  Overthinking big time.  I was never going to get anywhere as long as I was thinking this [...]

Ripping it all Up, Kintsukuroi Style Art Journaling thumbnail

I’m using the Japanese technique of Kintsukuroi in my art journal. What is that? It involves ripping up the page! Check it all out in my guest post on the guest post on the Stampington and Co. blog.  You bet there’s video too!  Thanks Stampington for inviting me to play! Where did the inspiration for this [...]

What to Do When Things Go Horribly Wrong in an Art Journal thumbnail

What can you do when things go horribly wrong in your art journal?  Say O.O.P.S. because that avert-your-eyes-horror on the page is really an Outstanding Opportunity Presenting Suddenly. While working on this page, I drew the ugliest butterfly that was ever drawn in all of history.  That might be a bit dramatic but that is what the voice in [...]

Making a plain envelope colorful with a gel plate, Paper Artsy paints, and StencilGirl stencils video by Carolyn Dube

What do I do with plain white envelopes before I mail them? I add the rainbow…and stencils!  This one in particular went out to Erika, who won the 10 stencil giveaway recently.  How did I do it?  It’s all in the video, including the OOPSies and the part where I unexpectedly felt a ton of resistance! https://youtu.be/y6cGEFqucK0 [...]

Things Got Sketchy at the End of the Day thumbnail

It was the end of the day and I had a ton of paint left on my palette. At this point in the day, thinking was a challenge but I couldn’t waste that paint. So I grabbed a couple of stencils and started making O.O.P.S.ies…Outstanding Opportunities Presenting Suddenly! Things got sketchy in my art journal that is! [...]

New Stencils at StencilGirl! thumbnail

What do Sketchy Women with Class have to do with Painted Rainbows?  What do Figments of Imagination have to do with Kandinsky’s Garden? They are just some of my new stencil designs just released at StencilGirl! Here’s a look at some of what I’ve been creating with these new designs.  It’s my version of a journal flip through…why [...]