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Alternating Diamonds

A Pen That Can Write on Wet Paint? thumbnail

Can a pen really write on wet paint? The package said it marks on wet and oily surfaces so that says wet paint to me! https://youtu.be/ym5KQ1E26Fw The play began on this wood panel. But the paint was totally dry since it was stenciled eons ago with my Alternating Diamonds stencil I created for StencilGirl. But [...]

OOPS, The Epic Journey of Doubt and Play thumbnail

Going from the blank canvas to a finished one can feel like the the 12 trials of Hercules, an epic journey. I had a gesso’d canvas, actually a wood panel, fully prepared to tackle the challenges that were waiting as I began playing. The first challenge happened when I started layering some colors and pattern and it looked hideous [...]

Discovering What Can Happen thumbnail

Making a mess is all about discovering what can happen. Sometimes, it’s more mess. Sometimes, it’s something I love. The fun is I never know which it will be when I start playing. This wood panel began with layers of texture. No goal, no plan, no direction – just a mess of textures. Those mica flakes [...]

She Released Her Untamed Creativity thumbnail

When I started this page, I glued a leftover copy of a vintage photo into my art journal without a clue where I was going with it. No plan meant no expectations. After all, I had no idea what direction that very serious woman in the photo was headed. In the end, she was able to release her [...]

Video showing 3 ways to use a bold patterned stencil to get colorful looks easily!

So excited to share with you 3 new stencils I created for StencilGirl! These are big bold patterns with just a hint of wonky. The bold shapes mean wide open spaces allowing for lots of opportunities to make colors play off of each other! In the video, I’m sharing 3 different ways you can use these [...]