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I have been struggling with a big decision with the pro and con lists feeling equal. So, I turned to my most trusted advisers, paint and stencils to see what answers emerged.   This started as a page used to clean off Sue Pelletier’s Loose Woman stencil when it was drenched in spray inks.   [...]

I always invite my muse to come into my studio so I thought it was only reasonable that I pay her a visit over spring break a few weeks back. Where does she live? In Turks and Caicos. How do I know she lives here? Because when I am there I am inspired like no [...]

My muse loves it when I try to get brownie points by actually listening to her when she drops by…if I listen to her, I bet she is more likely to come and play again very soon! My starting point was this paper with the layers on this Gelli print calling to me. My muse [...]

Everyone Needs a Party Hat! thumbnail

The latest headline prompt for Fall Fearless and Fly grabbed me unexpectedly! There was a completely different plan for my Fall Fearless art. I had planned to do the color prompt but I could not get the questions out of my head. Before I knew it my Fall Fearless had merged with my Artsy Fartsy. [...]