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Art Journaling

Ink and Stencils thumbnail

https://youtu.be/4NHNiAJDzEA Ink and stencils can play together to create very loose, one of a kind images. As I gave this technique a try, I turned on the video camera so you could join me to see what happens as I play with both acrylic ink and spray inks. You’ll see something I didn’t like about [...]

Stenciled Nonsense & Altered Book Journaling thumbnail

https://youtu.be/Jv_hNDqisUQ You’ll see my pen struggles, my OOPS stenciling, and a surprising message that came about on the page as I add more layers to an altered book journal. And you’ll see the cost of my impatience, that I don’t mind one bit. The stenciling began by going up and down, the best way to [...]

Having Faith through the Ugly Layers & OOPSies thumbnail

https://youtu.be/ZRyWzh15srU There was a plan in my head when this began and it didn’t take long before the plan was abandoned. Generally, when things don’t go as planned, they turn out way better than I was expecting but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some rough moments along the way. Those rough and ugly moments [...]

Wanderlust Early Bird Happening Now! thumbnail

https://youtu.be/YNi2DniaPW4 I’m so excited I’m tongue tied! Wanderlust 2021 early bird is happening now! It’s 44% off AND there are some amazing bonuses including Braving the Blank Page! Wanderlust is a year of mixed media inspiration from 26+ instructors all for less than $2 a week! What’s included in Wanderlust 2021, a year long online [...]

Gel Printing and Harrison Ford thumbnail

https://youtu.be/0nsaIDRTPwY Small-shaped Gel Press plates are a great way to explore and experiment with pattern. The shape used here is from the Faith Impressions set. Just to be clear, Harrison Ford isn’t gel printing but he ever wants to I will make that happen! He was the inspiration behind why I chose this fun shape [...]

Giving Her Stenciled Wings & A Surprise Meaning thumbnail

https://youtu.be/ls66P8fKZnI Backgrounds in your art journal never expire, they aren’t like milk or mayonnaise. They can wait until you’re ready to add another layer. Even if that takes years, like this one did. As I began, I had no idea of the message that was waiting to be revealed in the play! This page has [...]

A Silly Idea in My Head thumbnail

https://youtu.be/otrzitlL6Z0 When silly ideas, like realism, pop into my head while art journaling, I follow them! I have no idea where my fixation on realism came from today, but there was one thing that I was obsessed with during the play. Yes, there is realism involved in these wonky circles. Using up little bits of [...]

Making Tissue Paper Words & The Shoulds thumbnail

https://youtu.be/BBVg92dSuuM When I have an art journal page that just isn’t working, even after multiple attempts, I just cover most of it up. In this case, with black paint. But what to do next with the page? That’s where tissue paper came in handy. I stenciled words onto tissue paper using my Verbage stencil. Then [...]

Barbed Wire & Butterflies, a Stenciling Tutorial thumbnail

https://youtu.be/1g6L6iWT8sA This was a peanut butter in my chocolate situation. These two stencils were out on my table when I realized they’d work exceptionally well together. Even though I had a direction I was going, there were challenges. And all of them had to do with my impatience while art journaling. What’s the best paint [...]

Ugly Can Be a Good Thing! thumbnail

https://youtu.be/o_UCm6Vz_GU How could ugly ever be a good thing? Because playing on top of something that’s ugly is a very freeing way to have fun while enjoying your art supplies. You’ve probably got a few art supplies, so why not get them out for a bit of play! You have total freedom to use anything [...]