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Art Journaling

How to take an ugly art journal page and make it better with glitter and a stencil

What you are seeing here is sarcasm in an art journal. Those scribbled words say "this is a great day to be me." This was a not a joyous phrase, but one of sarcasm that came out of frustration with something. Basically, I was pouting about something in my art journal.  What was the something?  It [...]

How to use seed pods for gelli printing in an art journal- video by Carolyn Dube

Inspiration can come from anywhere, including the everyday.  I have walked by the tree below for weeks noticing the abundance of seed pods but it wasn't until I was hit in the head by one of the branches that I realized how much fun they would be Gelli printing®! Yes, my muse literally hit me in [...]

How to stencil all the wrong ways in an art journal and have fun doing it!

What's always been the hardest part of creating for me? Starting.  Especially when there is a blank page involved.  I used to be stopped by thoughts such as, "Will it be good enough?" or "I don't have a good plan" or "I don't have the right supplies" or "It won't be good enough anyway". I [...]

Stenciling the cover of an art journal with silhouettes by Carolyn Dube

My art journal cover started as play.  No goal. No plan.  I was just along for the ride.  I thought I was just playing until an O.O.P.S. struck and then the muse opened the floodgates on me.  I didn't see it coming but it was just what I needed. *An O.O.P.S. is an outstanding opportunity presenting suddenly. [...]

Video sharing how a toy can be used as a stencil with spray inks

Art play doesn't have to follow the rules.  If something looks like a stencil to me it doesn't matter if it was intended to be a stencil or not.  This art journal page fit perfectly with this month's Let's Play theme of turning non art supplies into art supplies! While cleaning out a closet, I found this [...]

This silly art journal page was a complete surprise to me.  Why the surprise?  I had no plan when I started so I had no idea where it was going to end up. It all started with the waves, created with this month's StencilClub stencils that I designed for StencilGirl.  This was just me dreaming of [...]

How to use a can of compressed air in your art journal

It turns out that I have been using a cleaning product without even realizing it!  Compressed air is sold as a way of removing dust.  Never fear, I am not going to use it for cleaning. I am going to use it for art journaling in this week's Let's Play video. Once again, an Oops (Outstanding Opportunity [...]

What do I do about critical thoughts in my head?  Do I let them rain on my play?  Those judgmental thoughts..the inner critic...gremlins...no matter what name it goes by it used to squash my play.  But it doesn't any more and I'm sharing how one word can chase those thoughts away. My inner critic shows up as a [...]

An art journal page inspired by a Gelli Print®

I am a very careful planner.  I think 20 steps ahead.  Creating for me is very calculated and controlled. I can't even type that with a straight face.  I am the polar opposite of a controlled planner when I play.  But you'll see where I got stuck making this and how a penny rescued me!     [...]

Video using modeling paste with a stencil on an art journal page plus using spray ink with a calligraphy pen by Carolyn Dube

Why do I love modeling paste so much?  It's versatility.  It can give me texture and color variation -just like it did on this art journal page when I used it with Dylsuions spray inks. In the video you'll see how to use modeling paste plus you'll see how I use spray inks for more than just [...]