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Art Journaling

What do I do about critical thoughts in my head?  Do I let them rain on my play?  Those judgmental thoughts..the inner critic...gremlins...no matter what name it goes by it used to squash my play.  But it doesn't any more and I'm sharing how one word can chase those thoughts away. My inner critic shows up as a [...]

An art journal page inspired by a Gelli Print®

I am a very careful planner.  I think 20 steps ahead.  Creating for me is very calculated and controlled. I can't even type that with a straight face.  I am the polar opposite of a controlled planner when I play.  But you'll see where I got stuck making this and how a penny rescued me!     [...]

Video using modeling paste with a stencil on an art journal page plus using spray ink with a calligraphy pen by Carolyn Dube

Why do I love modeling paste so much?  It's versatility.  It can give me texture and color variation -just like it did on this art journal page when I used it with Dylsuions spray inks. In the video you'll see how to use modeling paste plus you'll see how I use spray inks for more than just [...]

Video sharing how Carolyn took an old art journal page and made it sparkle!

This page was fine.  It was okay.  But it could be more fun so I gave myself a do over!  I'm allowed to do that and so are you!  It's an art journal page not a legal contract! What is Let's Play?  It's all about rediscovering the ability to play. Each month I share a specific [...]

Giving this art journal page a do over as part of the Let’s Play video series and it didn’t turn out the way I expected!

Is everything always pretty when I play?  Nope! This week's Let's Play video is proof of that!  It all started when I gave myself permission to change my mind about this page.  I thought it was finished when I made it long ago, but it didn't feel that way any more. So I added to it...and [...]

Video sharing how to redo an art journal page with Carolyn Dube

Did I have fun making this page the first time? You bet!  Did I think it was all finished then? Yes!  Can I change my mind and redo this page?  Absolutely! I give myself permission to do over any art journal page I want. There was a time when I was overly judgmental about going back [...]

Video sharing how to redo an art journal page with Carolyn Dube

Do Over! Kids shout it all the time and so can we!  This months Let's Play strategy for rediscovering how to play is all about changing your mind and giving yourself a do over!  There is no legal binding contract between us and our art journal pages.  We do not need to put an attorney on retainer to change [...]

Video tutorial adding layers of color in a cardboard art journal with Carolyn Dube

It wasn't my fault I kept playing!  Really! It was my muse!  My goal was to use up the paint on my palette...but she kept whispering in my ear for more colors...more paint...so I HAD to keep playing. An endless loop of happiness!  Can't you just imagine how much she had to twist my arm [...]

Video sharing how I get over the urge to hoard supplies and how it helped me get to know Color Burst Metallics for this week’s Let’s Play link party!

Should my art supplies have an expiration date on them? These mistable puffy frames are from 2010...and I still hadn't used them. Why? Because I liked them too much.  What a silly reason!  For this week's Let's Play video and link party, I'm forcing my inner hoarder to use them! How?  With one sentence. Use it [...]

How to create an altered book art journal page with stencils

It was just going to take a moment because all I was doing was using up the last bits of color on the brushes.  Don't want to waste the any part of the rainbow after all.  No reason to turn on the video camera.  This is just cleaning off a few brushes. And then I [...]