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Art Journaling

It slices, it dices…well not really, but the Gel Press plate did just about everything for this art journal page! It masked, it stamped, it added the title and of course, made the background. https://youtu.be/f8BWolgkx_U Watch Stamping, stenciling and masking all on a gel plate on YouTube. Using a gel print from my stack of papers [...]

Using Deli Paper in my Art Journal thumbnail

How can you use deli paper in your art journaling?  One of the ways is layering it on top of a pattern so that the pattern peeks out! https://youtu.be/6rnzUR8mT3Q Watch Using deli paper in art journal on YouTube. Here’s the pattern created using the Pebbles Layer Me stencil. New to layering stencils?  See the video of [...]

I Don’t know Jack According to the Art Journal Page thumbnail

A little found poetry did not go as expected on this art journal page.  I had high hopes for it since I was using a page out of a Danielle Steele novel.  Turns out…I don’t know Jack but I do know how to play and have fun! https://youtu.be/rSOyRzNpfrw Watch Using found poetry in an art [...]

What is Art?  A Simple Question with More than One Answer. thumbnail

What is art?  A simple question that has many many answers.  It can be a wide variety of things, but for me, it is a journey of  expression, connection and an adventure. It’s an exhilarating adventure to see what will happen when I add patterns or colors.  A place to ask what if and get lost [...]

The Black Paint OOPS in my Art Journal thumbnail

The day had been filled with grown up thinking and decision making and I had become a bit of a stress monster so my family banished me to the art studio to play.  I wasn’t up to starting with a blank page so I flipped through my journals and found a stenciled page to begin the process of shaking [...]

Using Washi Tape in My Art Journal thumbnail

Washi tape made a colorful background for an art journal page and since it is tape, there was no waiting for it to dry.  Just the right place for a dancing butterfly man to be stenciled. https://youtu.be/WlcuSPbrgbg Watch Using Washi Tape in My Art Journal on YouTube. Randomly, I filled the page with washi tapes.  You might [...]

Using a Spark of Art-spiration and Finding Bed Head Betsy thumbnail

Finding images inside free Sparks of Art-spiration is like spotting objects and characters in the clouds.  In this one, I saw Bed Head Betsy, a very happy woman waking up excited about the wonders the day holds for her. In the video, you can see how I bring the image out and use it to build an [...]

OOPS! An Idea that Went Horribly Wrong thumbnail

The plan for this canvas went horribly wrong. The idea in my head did not translate one bit the way I intended on the canvas.  That is a polite way of saying “Yuck, it was rear end ugly!”   But it was just an O.O.P.S., an Outstanding Opportunity Presenting Suddenly, that started the journey of this canvas. [...]

Making Hot Glue Pattern Stamps Tips and Tricks thumbnail

Making patterns for printing with hot glue and cardboard is a time honored way to play.  But how do you get the hot glue uniformly smooth for the best printing?  What’s the no fumble way to use them when printing?  How can you stamp a good impression in an art journal using regular acrylic paint [...]

Where I Start Isn’t Important thumbnail

What do I do when I want to play but don’t want to tackle a blank page?  I flip through my art journals and see which page calls to me.  That’s one of the perks of having random backgrounds and pages in progress sprinkled throughout. The page that called to me was loaded with brown, which usually affects me [...]