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Art Journaling

Swearing at my Inner Perfectionist thumbnail

The perfectionist in my head had been hounding me all day. Every decision required justification in triplicate.  It was smothering me and it was getting old.  My inner teenager had enough and a few choice words to put that negative critical voice back in its place. https://youtu.be/VKDsvhs5EvA Watch Shutting up perfectionist voices mixed media style on YouTube. [...]

That Perfect Project Never Came

That perfect project never came as I played in my art journal with gelatos and hoarded collage goodies.

There is no expiration date on collage material, it’s not milk after all.  But there is a point at which I have to face the reality that if the “perfect” project hasn’t come along yet, it probably isn’t ever coming.  I might as well just use it. One of the pieces of paper in here, [...]

Abstract Art Journal Play that Started with a Gel Print thumbnail

I was lost and didn’t want to be found!  Lost in the play that is. As I added paint to this art journal page, I was guided by the abstract shapes gel printed directly in my art journal. I even had a crazy thought about keeping some white space. https://youtu.be/3MnrtlVlt8k Watch Abstract Art Journal Play that Started with [...]

No Clarity. No Focus. And a Loud Inner Perfectionist. thumbnail

You know that feeling of clarity and focus you have when inspiration strikes?  When there is no doubt as to what you should do.  That’s NOT what was happening here.  I had no clarity. No focus.  Every decision was full of doubt because of that inner perfectionist pestering me. So what do I do when I have days [...]

My Very Sneaky Muse Pulled Fast One on Me thumbnail

My muse pulled a fast one on me.  She’s sneaky that way.  This started as just play, using up leftover paints in my art journal and then bam! This couple in the photo had something to tell me and my reaction took me by surprise. https://youtu.be/3jER40q-VWA Watch Art Journal Play with a Vintage Photo on YouTube. Using [...]

Rescued from Overthinking By My Art Journal thumbnail

The play almost didn’t happen today. That logical left brain of mine was having a control freak kind of a day and things were being taken way too seriously. What rescued me? What got me playing?  My Permission to Play art journal! https://youtu.be/J-mHpov572Y Watch Rescued from Overthinking By My Art Journal on YouTube. Want to make [...]

3 Second Rule to the Rescue!

3 Second Rule to the Rescue! thumbnail

From the very start of this play, making decisions was a tough challenge. So tough I had to use the 3 second rule.  What is the 3 second rule?  It is when I give myself 3 seconds to make a decision and move on. In the video, you’ll see that I was stuck more than once and [...]

A Diagnosis at Last

A Diagnosis at Last thumbnail

I have a diagnosis at long last that explains the symptoms I have been experiencing. I had spent years trying to unravel the mystery of what was going on, but it wasn’t until recently that a doctor finally found the one thing that makes sense. The irritability, the agitation, the anxiety, the increased blood pressure, and the inability [...]

Art Journaling the Rainbow Room

Art Journaling the Rainbow Room thumbnail

Stencils and a gel plate are like peanut butter and jelly. They were meant to go together and they bring out the best in each other! https://youtu.be/JmHIRpNb5AY Watch The Rainbow Room & How to Use Stencils on a Gel Plate on YouTube. More ways to use stencils and a gel plate are included in my workshop, [...]

Caution, OOPS in Progress

Caution, OOPS in Progress thumbnail

Why did I not use my usual bright rainbow colors that I had on my palette? It was because of an O.O.P.S., an Outstanding Opportunity Presenting Suddenly, that happened as I created a full page of pattern in my art journal with just one small stencil. https://youtu.be/66jUIaAlLRA Watch How I use a small stencil to fill an [...]