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Art Journaling

Finding Stress Relief in my Art Journal thumbnail

I have a therapist on call 24 hours a day and the sudden change in my world due to broken ankle, has me needing that therapist more than usual.  Who is this amazing helper? My art journal.  She's always available and always accepting of whatever mood I am in.  Here's a look at a recent session [...]

The Gel Printed Matisse Grid with my Geometry Fail thumbnail

OOPS! The plan was to build the grid with 3 colors by having each color in each row and no color touching itself.  I thought it was a solid plan. It wasn't, since after row #2, I was backed into a corner.  Okay, that sounds a bit dramatic but for a fleeting second that is [...]

PanPastels, a Baby Wipe, and a Castle thumbnail

PanPastels are vibrantly full of pigment...and work wonderfully with baby wipes so I decided to build an art journal page of castle towers with them. Want to win the stencils used in this video?  One lucky reader will win all 7 of my new stencils.  Leave a comment on this blog post for a chance [...]

A New Kind of Gel Plate Called Impressables by Gel Press! thumbnail

Impressables by Gel Press are a new kind of gel plate!  All the fun of gel printing with a twist - they have an embossed pattern on them! These have just been released at CHA and will be shipping in the near future. Like all gel plates, there is more than one way to use them. [...]

A Rainbow Caterpillar Stopped by for a Visit thumbnail

I never know what I will see when I look at a Spark of Art-spiration.  Didn't expect to have a rainbow caterpillar stop by but when something this silly pops in, I just have to see where it takes me! What is a Spark of Art-spiration? It's a free download that comes in my newsletters as [...]

Trying Out Jane Davenport’s Mixed Media Supplies thumbnail

Jane Davenport's new media line called to me like a siren to a sailor as I walked by the display at Michaels.  Washi tape, Mermaid Markers, how could I resist?   I picked up a few of them and took them for a ride in my art journal to see if they were as wonderful [...]

O.O.P.S.!  I put way too much paint on my palette for my last project.  Not a mistake.  Not a fail.  It won't be wasted because it is just an Outstanding Opportunity Presenting Suddenly for more play with stencils! I even turned this one into a free Spark of Art-spiration...so you can play too!  You can [...]

When does the muse show up and inspire me? After I have started.  It's as if starting is her invitation to join me so that means I need to start. No matter what it is, the important thing is to just start. I grabbed plain old cardboard from a shipping box as a place to start [...]

Welcome to OOPSville

Welcome to OOPSville thumbnail

O.O.P.S.ville is a wonderful town, after all there are no mistakes just Outstanding Opportunities Presenting Suddenly.  This art journal page started with the leftover scraps I just couldn't bear to throw away from cardmaking with gel prints. Living up to the name of this town, plenty of OOPSies were a part of this process and of [...]

A Baby Wipe, A Stencil, and the OOPS thumbnail

Sometimes a few minutes is all you have to play and that's all I need to make an OOPS, an Outstanding Opportunity Presenting Suddenly.  Being an adult can take up most of the day, but I have to have a bit of play for my sanity.  Just a few minutes of play with the art supplies keeps me [...]