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Art Journaling

Paris Polka Dots…an art journaling tutorial using  printable collage elements and stencils by Carolyn Dube

It was a "P" day in my art journal....not only play but pink & polka dots & Paris!  The bones or structure of this page has some color on it but not nearly enough for me.  And along the way, I made a new friend, Phil, who was very helpful with the polka dots...which infected me with [...]

Blind Painting in my Art Journal

Eyesight is a rather useful sense and it's one I count on quite a bit when creating.  So to help myself let go of control for this Let's Play video, I'm painting blindfolded.  Can't see a thing and it shows! What is Let’s Play?  It’s all about rediscovering the ability to play. Each month I share a [...]

Paris Polka Dots…an art journaling tutorial using  printable collage elements and stencils by Carolyn Dube

This page was inspired by a gel print.  It was supposed to be all about the colors and bits of pattern peeking out in that print.  But plans don't always go as planned. Okay, mine rarely go as planned. Turns out it was a polka dots and Paris kind of page that emerged from the play. [...]

How to Use Compressed Air and the Rainbow in Your Art Journal

The more I try to control an art journal page, the less I like it.  But letting go of control is a tough thing to do since it isn't instinctive for me (which is an understatement according to my husband). I am always looking for ways to help myself let go and thwart that left brain when I [...]

How to randomly pick colors and let go of control art journaling video tutorial

  Being in control makes sense in many areas of my life but not when it comes to play and creativity.  Many of the struggles and the uphill climbing that plagued me in the beginning of my colorful journey were due to my attempts to control. Being in control and making logical decisions was so familiar and ingrained that [...]

How to make colorful papers with exploding paints

If seeing paint drip makes me happy, imagine my joy seeing it explode!  All of my family, even my husband...who you can see make his first art journal page in this video here, wanted to join in on this play! This definitely falls into the "Act like a Kid" theme for this month's Let's Play all [...]

Drawing Like the Masters…of Play! thumbnail

I am turning to the masters of play to help me when drawing the ideas that pop into my head.  When I draw it is often far far from perfect.  In fact, it is often not even recognizable.  How do I know that is okay? I studied the masters of play, kids. When a kid wants [...]

Art Journaling FUNdamentals Workshop thumbnail

A friend of mine wanted to start art journaling but the idea was so overwhelming—the supplies, the ideas, the creativity, what’s wrong, what’s right?— that she couldn’t get started. So much joy in creating—and she was missing out! So many questions racing through her mind: How do you start?  What goes on a page? What [...]

My Husband Makes His First Art Journal Page!

Be prepared to laugh along as I guide my husband as he makes his very first art journal page from start to finish. He definitely puts his own twist on the page as only he can in this free 4 video series all about getting started art journaling. The first video is all about him [...]

Learning from the Masters

Finding inspiration for play from kids for this Let’s Play video all about fingerpainting in an art journal

Studying the masters is a great way to learn.  Who are the masters that I study? Kids!  For this week's Let's Play video, I am going to act like a kid by getting my fingers in the paint.  I'm going to dip my hands right into the jar of paint and some sparkling goodness too! [...]