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Art Journaling

Getting More from Your Stencils thumbnail

https://youtu.be/Z89cl38OaIs When you use a stencil you have options. You can use the entire stencil or just part of it. In the video, you’ll see how I take the Wrought Iron stencils I created for StencilGirl and build up layers using just pieces and parts of the designs. Having this option means you can get [...]

Colorful Conversations in my Art Journal thumbnail

https://youtu.be/zL8inH5iDRc This is a quick and easy way to create the layered look of stacked speech bubbles. The trick is the first layer, and after that, it’s just filling in the space! The stencil I’m using is Speech Bubbles that I designed for StencilGirl Products, and yup, you get the masks (the cutout areas of [...]

New Stencils! Random Thoughts Collection thumbnail

https://youtu.be/CfEbhFGfC4U Words are so versatile. That’s why they always seem to end up in whatever I’m creating. They can be a source of inspiration, a design element and add meaning. My latest word collection at StencilGirlProducts.com includes random phrases, sayings, sentences, and miscellaneous words. So I bet you can guess why this is called the [...]

Wanderlust 2022 Registration Now Open thumbnail

I’m honored to be a guest host for Wanderlust 2022! What’s Wanderlust 2022? It’s a full year of mixed media art journaling. How does it work? You get a new video each week so 50+ videos, there are 28 teachers, downloadable videos, printable handouts, 18 bonuses for right now, but more importantly, a full year [...]

Playful Art Journaling Workshop thumbnail

https://youtu.be/oELVO-rotj0 Do you wonder if you’re doing it right? What if you could know for absolute certain, incontrovertibly, completely and utterly, and without a shadow of a doubt, that anything, and I mean ANYTHING that you make, will be ok? When you’re playing, you can know that. How? Because play connects you to the real [...]

Unplanned Choices in My Art Journal thumbnail

https://youtu.be/D5SVYq38I-Q A highly efficient stenciling technique was used to start this art journal page. That’s code for an easy (or one could even say lazy) way to do it. What is the this easy way? Using a Gel Press plate. Since I was very heavy handed with the paint on the Art Nouveau stencil, that [...]

This is where it started thumbnail

This is where the play began. A random hodge podge of a mess. But this isn’t where it ended! Here’s a peek at the art journal page in progress. See what the layers turned into over on my guest post at StencilGirl Talk!

Making Your Own Lined Journaling Paper thumbnail

https://youtu.be/vLOR2xbH_3g You can use household items to make tools for your Gel Press plate. Today, I’m using toothpicks to solve a problem. I love writing on colorful papers, but I need lines on there if I have any hope of keeping the writing close to straight. So a few toothpicks and cardboard but along with [...]

Tossed Confetti Art Journaling thumbnail

https://youtu.be/GQdbQYN_XBU Scooping up and tossing this pile of leftover bits from a gel print project entertained me for longer than I want to admit. And it inspired a bit of play in my art journal! I’m not a patient person, so check out how I got these all glued down the easy way. This could [...]

Fragile Art Journaling with Leftover Moving Stickers thumbnail

https://youtu.be/h7YwSZADBuo Things don’t always, or often, go as planned. This art journal page went from loved to not loved and back to loved in the end. Fitting for a heart! What inspired this play was the roll of leftover fragile stickers from our move. FYI, when a roll has a 1000 stickers on it, it’s [...]