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Art Journaling

What is Acrylic Gouache & How Do You Use It? thumbnail

If watercolors and acrylic paint had a love child, it would be acrylic gouache.  It’s like taking the best qualities of both and then putting them in the best bottle ever for mixed media play. I’m putting this new paint from Liquitex through its paces as I make this art journal page.  I found out [...]

Turning an Acrylic Skin into an Art Journal Page thumbnail

When you’re doing paint pouring, the paint often runs over the edge and into the box below. Is that paint wasted? NOPE! It becomes an acrylic skin that can be used in other art and play.  What can you do with that skin?  Lots!  In this video, I’m sharing how to use it as the background [...]

Electrical Outlets and Gel Printing thumbnail

Pattern making tools can come from anywhere.  While doing some home remodeling, the electrical outlets headed for the trash caught my eye.  The muse whispered in my ear that these would make great patterns for gel printing. My husband knows that look in my eye, so he knew to save every last one of them for [...]

Why Simple Techniques Help You Play thumbnail

There are a 1,ooo ways to use a gel plate and what do I do? One of the simplest, most basic techniques. Why would that be a good thing?  Because it kept me from falling into the trap of overthinking. Over thinking takes all the fun out of the play and I could feel my mind heading towards being stuck in the [...]

Is it Good or Bad to Be Impatient when Art Journaling? thumbnail

Is it good or bad to be impatient?  Back before I had gray hair, I used to think it was a bad thing to be impatient.  But my impatience about waiting for a background to dry led to an even better than what I had planned.  In this video, I’m also sharing what I’m doing now [...]

Chasing Away the Blank Page

Chasing Away the Blank Page thumbnail

Let’s chase away the blank page and say goodbye to all the pressure that can accompany that blankness, by gel printing directly in the journal.   Why do I love to start an art journal page this way? Is it because every drop of paint is used?  Is it because there is zero pressure? Is it because [...]

Waiting for that Perfect Idea

Waiting for that Perfect Idea thumbnail

What’s the play for today?  It’s all about wanting and waiting for that perfect idea.  Perhaps you’ve been wishing waiting for that too.  I was treasuring an art journal page and waiting for that “perfect” idea to appear out of thin air. After waiting quite a while, I realized  play was the perfect idea! So I grabbed what was nearby [...]

De-Stressing with an Art Journal thumbnail

The to-do list felt never ending.  There wasn’t enough time to get it all done.  Ever felt that way?  I was feeling overwhelmed so I turned to my art journal to help me, the 150 year giant tome of a art journal.  It’s fitting that something so big will help me with a big to [...]

Ripping it all Up, Kintsukuroi Style Art Journaling thumbnail

I’m using the Japanese technique of Kintsukuroi in my art journal. What is that? It involves ripping up the page! Check it all out in my guest post on the guest post on the Stampington and Co. blog.  You bet there’s video too!  Thanks Stampington for inviting me to play! Where did the inspiration for this [...]

Transforming an Ugly Background thumbnail

Ever have trouble covering up a background?  That didn’t happen here. Starting with an ugly background makes it easy to cover up.  What did I use to cover it up?  Stencil masks.  They transformed the background that was yuck into colorful creatures. Feel free to chuckle about what my daughter pointed out to me in [...]