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Altered book

Taking a Leap in My Art Journal thumbnail

I took a leap or two in my altered book journal. Not a flying leap but another kind of leap.  An art journaling adventure from the red I almost never use to attempting surgical stenciling precision to the careful lettering.  I am guessing it won’t surprise you that there was an O.O.P.S. in there! https://youtu.be/ptfyWfvGheI Watch Altered [...]

How to create an altered book art journal page with stencils

It was just going to take a moment because all I was doing was using up the last bits of color on the brushes.  Don’t want to waste the any part of the rainbow after all.  No reason to turn on the video camera.  This is just cleaning off a few brushes. And then I [...]

When I was invited to try out the Groove from Art-C for the blog hop with StencilGirl, I didn’t know what to expect.  I must admit I was a bit skeptical and wondered if it was something for me.  Turns out, it is exactly the kind of thing I like to use.  It’s easy to [...]

There’s a New Color in my Rainbow thumbnail

I can’t believe I am going to say this.  I had seen the writing on the wall during my trip to teach in Arizona and also when I hung out with Kirsten Reed in Memphis at Art Is You.  I had an inkling that this change was coming but I was still resisting it, until [...]

Altered Book Play for Stencil Week thumbnail

It’s day 2 of Stencil Week!  You know I love bright and bold but there is a softer side too.  The more subtle part of me  popped up while I was playing in my altered  book journal.  Who would have guessed that I would use just one color…not me!   Today’s stencil, Linked Small, used with [...]