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Modeling Paste Play

A Silly Collage to Shake off Stress thumbnail

There was a stress intervention from the Muse at the request of my family. Grown up responsibilities had been getting the better of me.  As I played and added more layers to this collage, a ridiculous plot involving Alfred Hitchcock appeared.  The sillier the plot, the less stress I felt. https://youtu.be/7SulNBaTe8w Watch Shaking off stress with [...]

Stenciling the cover of an art journal with silhouettes by Carolyn Dube

My art journal cover started as play.  No goal. No plan.  I was just along for the ride.  I thought I was just playing until an O.O.P.S. struck and then the muse opened the floodgates on me.  I didn’t see it coming but it was just what I needed. *An O.O.P.S. is an outstanding opportunity presenting suddenly. [...]

Video using modeling paste with a stencil on an art journal page plus using spray ink with a calligraphy pen by Carolyn Dube

Why do I love modeling paste so much?  It’s versatility.  It can give me texture and color variation -just like it did on this art journal page when I used it with Dylsuions spray inks. In the video you’ll see how to use modeling paste plus you’ll see how I use spray inks for more than just [...]

Thank you everyone for such a fantastic response to the Modeling Paste Play a la carte workshops!   So who did Random.org pick? Kathy Stitzman!  Check your email Kathy for all the details on how to jump on in to the workshop!

Modeling Paste Play Workshop giveaway!

I’m impatient and that can be a very good thing! I love the look of modeling paste but hate to wait for it to dry. That got me thinking about different ways to use modeling paste so that I could have the awesomeness of it without waiting. And that is how the Modeling Paste Play [...]