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Art Journaling

Video creating a fun layered butterfly book for journaling from a stencil

Ever since I saw Maria McGuire's Butterfly and Butterfly Duo stencils I wanted to make a book out of them.  Well, I finally did it!  And along the way...made a few Oopsies but one totally pushed me to use a tool in my studio that I try to avoid at all costs!  You can see [...]

Video by Carolyn Dube showing her play in her art journal from the start including how she found inspiration for the different layers and steps from napkin collaging, stenciling, found poetry, and more!

It's Tuesday and that means a new Let's Play link party for all of us to share what we've been creating!  What play have I been up to?  I've been making a plan and then not following it.  The plan came about while I was checking out the all the fun stuff shared in last week's [...]

What Happens When I Fail?

What Happens When I Fail? thumbnail

Is creating always easy for me?  Does it always go well?  Do I always feel happy about what I create?  Is it always easy to say Oops?  Heavens NO!  Here is what happened in my art journal on a particularly challenging day.  Nothing serious or anything, just one of those days when everyday stress collided [...]

I made a messy paper with stencils then used them with a die cut to make a butterfly art journal page!

I love creating big pieces of color and play.  It's my happy time when I am  just letting the pattern and color build up.  But what do I do with all those papers?  One thing I do is die cut them. Here's the paper I made with paints and spray inks and my Connected Eyes [...]

Let’s Play, a Weekly Link Party

Let’s Play, a link party where you can be inspired and be inspiring!

"Can I go over to Christi's house?"  "Can Maria come over?" As a kid, I was always asking to go to a friends house or to have a friend or two come over. Now I am an adult and I still want to play!  So I am interrupting my grown up day for a little play! [...]

She took Brené Brown’s words about creativity to heart…and the book jacket!

  I am going to gush a bit here.  I am a huge fan of Brené Brown and her message about shame and vulnerability.  I loved her And I Thought it Was Just Me...and The Gifts of Imperfection changed how I saw the world...and Daring Greatly spoke to my soul.  So I wondered what on [...]

Video from Carolyn sharing how she uses the fineliner to write on wet paint and rough surfaces!

I am absolutely addicted to the fineline applicator. Why? Because it lets me write on just about anything in any color I want.  The way the tip is designed, it doesn't clog which is critical for me because I am not willing to clean.  Not one of these has clogged on me yet.  Beth Figiel [...]

Creating from Your Soul Interview

She started this art journal page with a big random mess and the shares it layer by layer!

I had a great time talking with Heidi Easley for her free online event, Creating From Your Soul.  If you've just listened to the interview (and you can watch it here), here's a link to the free workshop I mentioned.  She asked each artist to share a tip or trick so I showed my way [...]

I couldn’t always let myself play...when I was a kid I did it effortlessly, then as I grew up I lost that skill...boy did I miss it! So, I decided to reclaim my sense of play. What does play mean for me as an adult?  Play means not worrying if it’s perfect or right or [...]

The Art Journaled Pumpkin

Video showing to art journal a pumpkin for Halloween- bright and happy rainbow colors!

It's that time of year when people I know love to carve up a pumpkin.  It probably won't shock you to know that I'd rather paint a pumpkin than carve it.  While they carved, I used paint to create a background on my pumpkin, just like I would if I was creating a background in [...]