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Art Journaling

My Knock Down, Drag Out  Battle for White Space thumbnail

    My battle for white space continues.  I love the look of white space but color is my addiction.  This was a knock down drag out fight between color and white space.       Round One Goes to Color It isn't glamorous but it is a place loaded with color to start!  This [...]

Although I can't hop on a plane to travel right now, I can take a trip in my art journal!  My muse is my travel agent and she's booked me to Venice for this trip. Below is the progression of my art journal page as I played with the newly released, Venetian Large 9x12 stencil [...]

The Stenciled Journal Workshop

Have you ever been drawn to the art or style of an artist and then when you meet them in person it all makes sense...because they are their art?  That is what it was like for me meeting Tangie Baxter in person at her Artspiration Studio in Mesa, Arizona.   This studio is like a [...]

Telegram from My Muse

My muse sends me messages.  She doesn't call.  It's more like a telegram.  Just short instructions.  I made the choice to follow the art journaling ideas from my muse. But first I had to get out of my head because I was thinking way way way too much.  In the video, you'll even see me [...]

In the process of making a pattern with  Thanks A Lotus  I backed myself into a corner. But you'll see that if I back myself into a corner, I can get myself back out.  The tragedy was averted (pretty easily too...) as I played with Andrea Matus DeMeng's incredible stencil for this jumbo blog hop celebrating her designs [...]

Mixing Rubber Stamps with Stencils thumbnail

Rubber stamps with stencils bring out the best in each other.  Bold  lines come from the stencil contrast the fine details of a rubber stamp.  Working together they created a quick art journal page. There is lots of inspiration for using stencils with rubber stamps in this blog hop with Lost Coast Designs Rubber Stamps and StencilGirl [...]

No pens were harmed in the making of this art journal page!  Although it was risky to use a regular pen on paint that hadn't dried completely, my pen made it through the ordeal as I played in my art journal with some new text stencils!               In the [...]

  I had a plan.  I didn't follow the plan.  I rarely follow my plans...but the plan is still necessary for me.  The plan gives me a  sense of security and control but I stay flexible so I can wander wherever the color and pattern takes me.     Step 1 of the plan: Find [...]

Do you ever suddenly feel disappointed with your art journaling? Perfect is what causes that to happen to me.  Perfect is a thief I invite in to rob me of my joys. Not only do I invite Perfect in...it seems I send out engraved invitations some days...   I started playing with my 1700s Stencil with only [...]

That Stencil Can Do What?

  That Venetian stencil can do more than what you see!   Of course, it is awesome just as it is but it can be so much more than that!   There are wonderful elements inside these buildings that can be customized and transformed to fit your play.  Check out the video and I'll show you [...]