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They’re Here! They’re Here!

4 DVDs/Videos are here from Carolyn Dube!

When I arrived many months ago for filming, the crew was pretty sure I was moving in for 6 months.  I had a van load of supplies to create these videos and still had that feeling I had forgotten something.  Good news- didn’t forget a thing!  And they were a wonderful group to work with- each and every one of them! Plus they trusted me with spray ink in a room with white walls.  They are brave brave souls!

During that trip, I filmed 4 videos/DVDs.  Here are previews of each one and little bit about them.

Fix It Fabulous DVD Carolyn DubeIn the collaging DVD or video download, I am sharing what my process is for creating collages.  And you will see how I work with some incredibly ugly layers I’ve created and then make them more colorful.  I even enlist the help of Amy, my wonderful producer who bravely agrees to work blindfolded in this one…

Breaking the rules beyond stencling techniques dvd carolyn dubeStencils are a tool to me just like a paint brush is a tool.  How you use that tool can give you different results. In the preview you can see how I finger paint with a stencil.  Of course, with all this wet paint, there is the risk of mud.  In the full video, I share how I avoid my colors all going to that color that scares me the most…mud!

You can purchase the Breaking the Rules, Beyond Stenciling Techniques here.

Junk Journal Workshop unexpected materials for handmade journals dvd carolyn dubeI love handmade journals but I just have a problem with patience.  My way around that is using a hardback book then adding a wire binding to create junk journals using all sorts of stuff.

Breaking the rules inventive uses for supplies dvd carolyn dubeI have bought supplies over the years and not used them all up.  But I love them all.   So I look for different ways I can use those same supplies.  This video is full of the ways I combine and mix my materials to get a new look!

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  • Bethany Stockman August 21, 2015, 9:40 am

    I’ve gotta save up for all these DVDs. Congratulations Carolyn

  • elise August 21, 2015, 5:10 pm

    Congratulations!!! Great Job…looks like you had fun…I would be soooooooo nervous!!!!