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Usually I scribble write in my journals but not here. I want to be able to read these names.

Each name on this page is a black person who was killed by police. And this is less than three months worth of names.

This list of names is enough to make anyone feel powerless, but there are signs of hope that this is changing, thanks to the Black Lives Matter movement.

If you want to know how you can help, take a look at the article, 47 Very Specific Answers to ‘What Can I Do to Help?

Find out more about anti racism in the book How to Be an Anti Racist by Ibram Kendi

Donate to Black Lives Matter and/or Split a donation between 70+ community bail funds, mutual aid funds, and racial justice organizers or check out this master list of donation funds.

If you don’t have money to donate, donate by watching YouTube videos. All the ad revenue from these videos goes to causes that support Black Lives Matter.

YouTube playlist of videos whose ad revenue goes to causes that support Black Lives Matter


All around you are amazing patterns for you to use on your gel plate! In this video, I’m using three different found patterns and my favorite by far is the ping pong ball!

When I’m using pattern tools on the gel plate, there are three key factors that I pay attention to. These factors guide my decision making process.

In Playing with Found Patterns, my newest online workshop, you’ll go deep into these factors so you fully understand them. And most importantly, easily apply them when you’re printing.

Registration is now open, so if you’re interested in knowing more, check out all the details here.

Take a look around you, I bet there are patterns all around for you to explore and use on your gel plate! You might find spaghetti you’ve spilled on the floor, an old kids toy, or cheap ping pong balls. And everything you find can make prints on a gel plate!

Here are the supplies used. Some of these links are affiliate links which means I get a small percentage. For example, I’m an Amazon Associate & I earn from qualifying purchases. It doesn’t cost you anything extra and you get a really good feeling knowing that you are helping keep the free tutorials coming!


These prints were made with a fancy pattern making tool. Where did I get that tool? Where all the best pattern makers seem to come from – the trash! All around you are amazing pattern making goodies!

When I’m playing with found patterns there are three big factors that I pay attention to because those factors are what guides the decision making process. It isn’t guessing or just luck, it’s about understanding why the gel plate does what it does.

I’ve gone deep on those three factors in my newest online workshop, Playing with Found Patterns. This workshop has 2 parts to provide you with a solid understanding so you can easily apply it when you’re playing.

The first part is all about getting comfortable and fully grasp the main factors that you can control when making a pattern on the gel plate.

The second part is about applying the information in a variety of ways so you never ever have to be stuck in a creative rut. You’ll know how to create different types of prints, using what you have around you right now.

Find out more about the workshop here.