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It’s a silly day of play using a Spark of Art-Spiration. It all starts with finding this very unusual creature in the free download. Of course there’s an O.O.P.S. or two, but the underwear malfunction was a first. It was with the creature, not me but still, the poor dear might have been a bit flustered by it all!

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The play started with an O.O.P.S., an Outstanding Opportunity Presenting Suddenly. I was sure I wanted orange paint as the base color. Nope, but as long as the paint was already out, I might as well use it up.

Then when I painted the sides, I realized I couldn’t pick it up to keep it from sticking to the paper. But there was a great opportunity in that to show you how to make sure that it won’t stick by raising it up. Use whatever is on hand just like I did in the video.

The orange was an OOPS and the opportunity there was to now have the top and sides be 2 different colors.

Having a stash of premade letters makes it easy to put together a word for a title.  How did I quickly make all those letters?  I’ve got a video showing how I use alphabet stencils from StencilGirl with gel prints to create them. This is a great way to use gel prints by the way!

There was a bit of an underwear malfunction for this creature.  It’s all covered up in this photo thanks to using a scrap of the Spark! 

I never get the glue all the way to edges, but I did this time.  O.O.P.S. again. So instead of tucking the extra feet under the purple body, I had to improvise.  Yup, that was some serious thinking on my feet happening there 🙂

The words you choose to incorporate into your art are significant.  They impact the meaning of your piece.  So what word belonged with quack? Moo of course!

Why Moo? What deep philosophical reason did I have for that word? The book, Click Clack Moo, Cows that Type – a favorite with my kids, was going through my head.  Quack and Clack were close so of course, Moo had to go with it.

One the many reasons I love sharing a weekly Spark of Art-spiration is that we can all see different things in it. I saw this crazy thing in the Spark of Art-spiration, what do you see in it?


Creative JumpStart is like going to a creative buffet of 31 different styles and approaches.  So if you’re looking for inspiration to start your play- this workshop is loaded with it!

One of the many things I adore about Creative JumpStart is that each video is only 10 minutes long so that means it can fit into even busy schedules.

It’s all downloadable and you have full access right away to all 31 videos- each from a different artist. Artists such as Mary Beth Shaw , Mystele Kirkeeng, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, Rae Missigman, Rachel Greig, Gwen Lafleur, Tina Walker , Dina Wakley and many more including Nathalie Kalbach, the founder of Creative JumpStart!

In my video for Creative JumpStart, I’m sharing how to customize the average popsicle stick to use it for making something very textural in paint.

Creative JumpStart was released in January and if you missed it, you can now join the fun for 20% off- that’s about $1.50 a video and it’s all downloadable!

But the sale ends on July 17th, so if you’re looking for inspiration to start your play, join me and be a part of Creative JumpStart!


Anything can become art. There aren’t rules for what art is, let alone what you can use to make art.

Drug stores, hardware stores, the trash, these are all great places to find art making materials. In this video, you’ll see how I used cosmetic sponges to make colorful art to hang on the wall.

These are the dried up ends of cosmetic sponges used to apply paint when stenciling, art journaling, collaging, and any other play. Instead of trash, it’s treasure.

Each one was glued to the wood panel using gel medium. The reason why the colors all made me happy is these are the remnants of other play- with the colors I love.

The sides are raw and imperfect. Not because there is a rule that says it should be this way but that I want it to be this way.

When you’re creating, remember there are no rules you must follow or even should follow. Art is whatever you create it to be.

Look around where you are right now. Bet there is something you can use to make art with and if there isn’t go for a walk outside and see what blows across your path.

If you’re looking to play more, to enjoy the time you spend with your art supplies and feel the freedom of play, check out my free workshop, Permission to Play.