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Scooping up and tossing this pile of leftover bits from a gel print project entertained me for longer than I want to admit. And it inspired a bit of play in my art journal! I’m not a patient person, so check out how I got these all glued down the easy way.

This could have been tedious to glue each piece of paper down, but I decided to go for the fast way, by slathering it with glue and the tossing the confetti on there. Words don’t do it justice, so be sure to check it out in the video.

Once the glue had dried, all that white space around the edges were painted. I actually entertained the idea of carefully painting around each piece of white paper. I let that idea go quickly because I had a better idea. And I’m just not that patient.

Those white areas are the backsides of the gel printed scraps. That means naked paper that is easy to journal on with any pen.

To create the title for the page, I wanted the word surprise but the stencil, Feelings and Emotions 2, had the word surprised. By simply covering up the d, I magically had the word I wanted.

I designed them this way to give you a lot of flexibility when using any of the stencils in the Feelings and Emotions collection (there are 3 of them)

Art journals are a great place to have fun so if you’ve ever got a bunch of little bits of leftovers on your counter, let go and toss them onto your page!

If you want more ways to have fun and let loose in an art journal check out my free workshop, Permission to Play.


Using alcohol inks on a gel plate can create a very dreamy, cloud-like print. These are quick prints to make and something that I would struggle to create using a paint brush. But with a gel plate, it’s easy! I’m using Kristie Taylor alcohol inks in Persephone Purple, Thalia Turquoise, and Brigit Blue on a Gel Press plate.

Want to know more about gel printing? I’ve got a whole page of resources here for you.


Things don’t always, or often, go as planned. This art journal page went from loved to not loved and back to loved in the end. Fitting for a heart! What inspired this play was the roll of leftover fragile stickers from our move. FYI, when a roll has a 1000 stickers on it, it’s a lot of stickers.

The plan was to use a heart made from the background of fragile stickers. But as soon as I cut the heart out, I wanted to use the paper from around the heart far more than the heart.

Does that mean the cut out heart is wasted? Not at all! It goes into the stash of stuff to be used in the future.

For some reason, hearts were on my mind was I was adding scribble journaling. What was I writing about? The fragility, the vulnerability and the resilience of the heart and how much it can handle.

The space around the fragile stickers needed something more and stencils make it easy to go around irregular shapes. You can see through the stencil and selectively add the pattern. Using my Circles Layer Me stencil from StencilGirl the space around the stickers was filled.

Ever add something to your art journal and just not like it? That’s what happened here when the black was added around the heart with a Sharpie. Then with paint. It wasn’t until the white lines were added that I fell back in love with it.

There are still plenty of those stickers left so I’ll be making more hearts and finding more ways to use them. I know, I could get rid of them but they are stickers and I just can’t get rid of a sticker! And this is how I get drawer fulls of treasure, or what others call trash.

Wondering what else I’ll do with these stickers? Me too- and when my muse shares it with me, I’ll share it with you! Get signed up for my newsletter so you don’t miss any of the play!