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This idea, to combine stencils and image transfer was a total O.O.P.S., an Outstanding Opportunity Presenting Suddenly. I thought perfect little butterflies would transfer. Nope. Not a one. In fact, it looked terrible. But, that led me to the next layer, which turned that something ugly into something so much better than I had planned!

It all began with a colorful image printed on InkAid Transfer Film. This is a collage made up of 9 Sparks of Art-spiration that I’ve sent out in my free newsletters. If you’d like to play with the same image, I’m happy to email you a free download of it- just go here. This is will also get you signed up for my weekly newsletter that includes a brand new Spark of Art-spiration printable for you.

The image transfer is done using the InkAid process. If you’re new to InkAid image transfers you might have some questions like how do you mix the Transferiez solution, or will your inkjet printer work well with the process. I’ve got a video that goes step-by-step through the process so you are comfortable making your first transfer.

Start with a generous, and I mean generous layer of Transferiez solution. I use enough that it soaks through my cardstock. That’s why I have the tin foil under my paper, to keep it from getting all over the counter. I could have used a piece of plastic, but the tin foil was closer.

Working quickly, get the stencil and then the image transfer film on there. Brayer or push down the transfer film. The stencil is Butterfly Journeys that I designed for StencilGirl Products. Along with the stencil, it also includes 4 butterfly masks.

Be prepared, that when you lift up the InkAid image transfer film, it will look like a hot mess, but that will change with the next layer!

Place the masks over the butterflies and add a layer of black paint. Or any other color you want!

Now these butterflies have serendipitous wings, far more interesting to me than a “perfect” transfer! But that white space is calling to me, tugging at me to add something more there.

Journaling! That’s what the white space needed! As I’m writing, I am thinking of real words, and writing them in a very loose way. By doing scribble journaling, there’s zero pressure to get words spelled correctly or sweat the grammar.

Adding that layer of paint turned a messy caterpillar (the imperfect image transfer) into a beautiful butterfly!

The best part is that every butterfly will be unique! What will I do with these? Could become cards, the start of an art journal page, or could simply put them in a mat and frame them as they are!

If you’d like to play around with the same image I used, let me know what email you’d like me to send it to, and that will also get you signed up for my weekly newsletter, that has a brand new Spark in it for you to download!

Here are the supplies used. Some of these links may be affiliate links which means I get a small percentage and it doesn’t cost you anything extra! It doesn’t cost you anything extra and you get a really good feeling knowing that you are helping keep the free tutorials coming!

Heads up, the cardstock can really fluctuate in price on Amazon. If it seems strangely expensive one day, wait a day or two, and often it goes back to “normal”.


What if you could take a workshop for less than $1.50 while at the same time help a good cause? You can thanks to the Art for Earth bundle! This bundle includes a brand new workshop! Actually, there are a bunch of brand new workshops in it!

But there is a catch…

What is Art for Earth? It’s a bundle of 89 online art resources and classes from 45 different instructors. It’s all for one price where 25% of all sales go to support Treesisters, a group of women spread out all over the world with a mission to plant trees and a focus on tropical reforestation.

Included are £2,800 GBP worth of creative goodies in this bundle. At the time of typing this, that’s over $3600!

But here’s the crazy part, it only costs £85 GBP (about $112).

There are over 70 workshops included in this bundle, so it’s less than $1.50 per workshop. This also includes early access to my newest workshop, the Joy of Stenciling. Later this spring, when I release it to the public that workshop will be $49 all by itself.

45 different artists have included classes and art resources in this bundle. The list is so so so long for what all is included, I’ve put it at the very end of this post. Notice how many of the goodies are brand new- never been offered before!

The Art for Earth bundle is a win-win! You get an AH-MAZ-ING deal on workshops and you get to help Treesisters combat climate change.

Who put this together? This is the brainchild of Tam from Willowing.org and I’m honored to be a part of it! She has gathered a wide array of 45 different artists to create a mammoth bundle for you!

So what’s the catch? The Art for Earth bundle is only available for 7 days and on April 10th at 7pm ET (New York time zone) it ends. So if you want to save 96%, then make sure you get the Art for Earth bundle before it ends!

£85 GBP (approx. $112) only available until April 10, 2022 at 7pm ET

What’s included? Everything listed below! Yes, all of this is in the bundle for £85!

  1. NEW Class: “Portrait of a Cow in Watercolour” with Tamara Laporte
  2. NEW Class: “Portrait of an Elephant in Watercolour” with Tamara Laporte
  3. NEW Class: “Portrait of a Bear in Watercolour” with Tamara Laporte
  4. Class: “Blue Cat + Yellow Girl Cat Mixed Media Art Journaling” with Eulalia Mejia
  5. Class: “The Story Within” with France Papillon
  6. Twelve 2hr Classes: “The 24 Hour Paint Jam with Whitney Freya & Guests” with Whitney Freya
  7. Class: “Kindred Spirits Rabbit” with Ida Andersen Lang
  8. Class: “Crimson Whisperings” with Saskia van Drunen
  9. NEW Class: “Watercolour Raccoon” with Tamara Laporte
  10. Class: “Luscious Layered Landscapes” with Faith Evans-Sills
  11. Class: “Lovely Loose Flowers in Watercolor” with Angela Fehr
  12. NEW Class: “Tree of Hope & Healing Therapeutic” with Kassi Martin
  13. Class: “Fancy Lassies” with Kate Thompson
  14. NEW Class: “Inspired By Nature: Stones” with Kim Dellow
  15. NEW Class: “Among the Trees” with Toni Burt
  16. Class: “Sketching Sparrows series – Ballpoint Sparrow” with Joan Martin
  17. Class: “Sketching Sparrows series – Brush Pen Sparrow” with Joan Martin
  18. Class: “Sketching Sparrows series – China Marker Sparrow” with Joan Martin
  19. Class: “Sketching Sparrows series – Charcoal Sparrow” with Joan Martin
  20. Class: “Sketching Sparrows series – Acrylic Medium Transfer” with Joan Martin
  21. Downloadable Collage Papers: “Set of 7 Handmade Abstract Textures” from Eulalia Mejia
  22. Class: “Butterfly Dream Portrait, Mixed Media” with Olga Furman
  23. Class: “Watercolor & Ink” with Deanna Strachan-Wilson
  24. High Res Downloadable of Original Watercolor: “Girl Named Fulden” by Deanna Strachan-Wilson
  25. Class: “Coptic Bound Journal” with Amy Maricle
  26. NEW Class: “The Joy of Stenciling Workshop” with Carolyn Dube
  27. NEW Class: “Sunrise: Expressive Portrait Lesson” with Melanie Rivers
  28. NEW Class: “Impressions – The Creative Process” with Sabra Awlad Issa
  29. Class: “Soul Bird: The Voice of the Soul and the Wisdom of the Body Intentional Creativity” with Shiloh
  30. Workbook Class: “How to Sell $10k Original Art on Instagram Course” with Cory Huff
  31. NEW Class: “As Rare as a Unicorn” with Marie-Laure Delage-Carlson
  32. Class: “Acrylic Portraits It’s Just Paint” with Kara Bullock
  33. Class: “Your Magical Creative Awareness” with Whitney Freya
  34. Downloadable Collage Papers: “Set of 10 Handmade Marbleized Papers” from Eulalia Mejia
  35. High Resolution Digital Downloadable of Original: “Sacred & Personal Painting Practice” by Whitney
  36. NEW Class: “Improv Prayer Flags” with Mary Beth Shaw
  37. NEW Class: “Textile & Recycled Materials Art Bowl” with Veronika Olivier
  38. 14 Classes: “Fairy Tale Bundle Tam Edition” with Tamara Laporte, including: Class: The Little Mermaid,
  39. Class: “How to make a Cute Bear” with Tamara Laporte
  40. Class: ”Goldilocks & The Three Bears with Tamara Laporte
  41. Class: ”Snow White & The Queen” with Tamara Laporte
  42. Class: ”Malifecent in Limited Supplies” with Tamara Laporte
  43. Class: ”Alice in Wonderland” with Tamara Laporte
  44. Class: ”The Making of Tinker Bell” with Tamara Laporte
  45. Class: ”Snow White in the Forest” with Tamara Laporte
  46. Class: ”Belle with Tamara Laporte
  47. Class: ”Pete’s Dragon” with Tamara Laporte
  48. NEW Downloadable Face Patterns: “Two Traceable Face Pattern downloads” from Veronika Olivier
  49. NEW Downloadable Art Work Print: “Wonderful Dreams” by Veronika Olivier
  50. NEW Course (5 lessons): “Sacred Guardians: 3D Sculptures for Protection & Support” with Aunia
  51. Class: “Trust the Journey” with Tamara Laporte
  52. NEW Class: “Authentication Ongoing Card Tutorial” with France Papillon
  53. Class: “Perspective” with France Papillon
  54. Downloadable Wallpaper: “Downloadable wall paper in 4 formats” from France Papillon
  55. Class: “A sampler of the three-module course, Circle Celebration” with Dar James
  56. Downloadable Art Work Print: “Begin Again” by Dar James
  57. Exclusive Discount Code for ALL Circle Celebration Modules with Dar James
  58. PDF e-book guide: “Get Unstuck guide for Creatives” from Dar James
  59. NEW Class: “Story Art with Photos Digital Photo Editing and Mixed Media” with Veronika Olivier
  60. Class: “Flower Girl” with Effy Wild
  61. Class: “One BADASS Art Journal 2016” with Tiare Smith
  62. Class: “Create your own Washi Tape” with Birgit Koopsen
  63. NEW Downloadable Collage Papers: “15 collage Sheets” from Birgit Koopsen
  64. Downloadable Art Work Print: “You can’t have a Rainbow Without a Little Rain” with Birgit Koopsen
  65. Class: “Fun with Napkins” with Donna Munro
  66. Class: “Nature Nymph” with Tamara Laporte
  67. NEW A bundle of three classes: “Daily Painting Process Tutorials” with Meg Yates
  68. NEWClass: “The Elements” with Kristy Kensinger
  69. Full Course: “Fantastic Faces: Letting Your Creative Style Emerge” with Christa Forrest
  70. NEW Class: “Retreat into Color” with Denise Daffara
  71. NEW Class: “Black and White Butterfly Acrylic Painting” with Angela Anderson
  72. NEW Coloring Pages: “Butterfly Coloring Book” from Angela Anderson
  73. Class: NEW “Blowing Bubbles” with Mikell Duncan
  74. NEW Course (2 lessons): “A Place Called Home” with Aunia Kahn
  75. Class: NEW “Pixel Princess Plant Painting Pack Procreate Lesson & Brushes” with Lisa Filion
  76. Class: “Stitch with Love Mixed Media Embroidery” with Hanna Andersson
  77. Class: “Painting Poppies Glass” with Jennifer Bonneteau
  78. Class: “The Tree that Holds You” with Tamara Laporte
  79. eBook: “7 Unbelievably Easy Stenciling Techniques” with Martice Smith
  80. Class: NEW “Art of Renewal” with Shay Michelle
  81. eBook: NEW “THE FORGIVENESS PROJECT” from Melody Ross
  82. Class: “The Wisdom that Creates the Dream” with Melody Ross
  83. Class: “Affirmation Cards” with Dina Wakley
  84. Class: “Unraveling the Tangle” with Dina Wakley
  85. Class: “A Layered Page Online” with Dina Wakley
  86. Class: “A Healing Journal Page” with Dina Wakley
  87. 11 Days of INITIATIONS: “Soul Success Initiations” with Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici
  88. Class: Paint it Out RAINBOWS with Mati Rose McDonough
  89. Creative Explorer Lessons Package by Andrea Gomoll which includes: 10 video tutorials, 12
    downloadable printables and 1 desktop wallpaper.

£85 GBP (approx. $112) only available until April 10, 2022 at 7pm ET


Ever have a gel print that you really like but you know it needs more? That’s where I was with this print. That pink area was calling to me, so to get focal image there I used the InkAid image transfer process.

Before starting, the paint on this print was completely and thoroughly dry. How’d I make the print? Using a doily and a Gel Press plate.

On the InkAid Transfer Film, I printed a photo I took in Austin, Texas. The photo is not the exact shape or size of the pink area and you’ll see why that isn’t a problem.

The Transfer Film works with inkjet printers that use pigment ink. What does that all mean? How do you find out if your printer uses pigment inks? I’ve got all that in a video showing you the entire process from start to finish of doing an InkAid image transfer.

Now that I know where the image will go, it’s time to add the Transferiez solution (made with 91% isopropyl alcohol and Transferiez concentrate). How to mix it is also in the InkAid process video.

I only added it on the pink area, so that’s the only area where the image will transfer.

Once you’ve got the Transferiez solution on there you put the image on it, printed side down. You can tell which side it’s printed by touching it. The printed side has a rougher feel to it.

Gently press the image into the solution. You can use your fingers or a brayer. I’m very inconsistent when I use my hands, so I prefer to very gently use a brayer.

Set a timer for 2 minutes and wait.

When your timer goes off, slowly and gently lift off the Transfer Film. Without any measuring, any careful thought, the image was only in the pink.

Why? Because that is the only place where the Transferiez solution was.

What about the part of the image that wasn’t used? You bet I’m saving that and will use that in a future something. I will use every bit of the Transfer Film.

Another perk of image transfer that I take full advantage of is the ability to audition images. Before I added the solution, I placed the Transfer Film with the script writing on gel print to see if I liked how it looked. I did, so I added the solution and did the transfer.

Happily, I liked how it looked. But the nice part is that if I don’t like how an audition goes, I can simply grab another image before committing.

Once you’re peeled back the Transfer Film it will take few minutes for it to dry.

If you’re wondering what to print on the Transfer film, I’ve got a free sheet of images I can email to you. If you’re curious about the InkAid image transfer process, they’ve got a Starter pack so you can give it a try. And you can do this process on more than just paper. It works on wood, metal, fabric and more!