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Shoulding Too Much? Try This

There is way too much shoulding happening in our days. Should I get the car an oil change.  Should I finish the paperwork that is due soon.  Should I make an appointment to get my gray hairs colored. I should this. I should that.  Perhaps you’ve got that long overwhelming list of things you should be doing right now.

There’s an antidote to all of this shoulding, a way to shake it off. Play.  The kind that has no shoulds involved.  No pressure to follow any rules. It doen’t have to be a single thing other than play.  If you’re feeling the stress of the day, I highly recommend some no shoulds play.

In this video, you’ll see loose and free play as I’m using a gel plate as an “ink pad” with Seth Apter rubber stamps, and how to clean them easily, how to deal with a stenciling O.O.P.S., and more.

Watch Ditch the Stress of the Day with Art Play on YouTube.

First, you need something to art on.  Anything you have will be great for this!  My go to is cardboard from cut up boxes.

Next, you need something to art with. Anything you have will be great for this!  Paint, markers, watercolors, crayons, pastels, chalk, pens, really anything you have easily accessible to you.

Once you have a something to art on and something to art with, just start making marks, putting the paint in it, and doing whatever comes to mind.  Really, whatever comes to mind.  I made what looks like a big blue donut on there.  Anything goes since this is play.

What if you mess something up?  Well, I did when I was stenciling the word start. Except it wasn’t really a mistake, it was an O.O.P.S., an Outstanding Opportunity Presenting Suddenly.  In the video, you can see what I did with it.

You might have noticed the fine liner that I used in the video.  I use that a lot when I have wet paint so that I can write on it without ruining a pen.  I’ve got a video all about using those fine liners here. 

The bottles arrive empty and then you fill them with whatever you want.  The ones in the video were filled with acrylic inks.  I’ve got the links below to the specific supplies to make it easier for you.

Here are the supplies used. Some of these links are affiliate links which means I get a small percentage. It doesn’t cost you anything extra and it helps keep the free tutorials coming!

If you’d like more play, more fun with your art supplies but you need a place to start- check out my free online workshop, Permission to Play.


Paint Pouring Palooza is a one day workshop filled with the rainbow!  Join me for this in-person workshop where you’ll make ten canvases, giving you hands-on experience with multiple pouring techniques.  I’ll walk your through each technique step-by-step so that you will make canvases that make people say WOW! And have a ton of fun in the process!

Your registration includes all the supplies plus my online workshop, Paint Pouring FUNdamentals ( $99 value).  All you need to bring is an apron!

Get registered and join the fun!

Zero experience required to do this.  Really.  How do I know that? Because every time I have taught someone how to do acrylic pours, they gasp with excitement when they see their painting develop before their eyes.

What supplies do you need to bring?  All you need to bring is an apron.  Everything else, and I mean everything, is included.  Deco Art Pouring medium, cell making additives (yes, more than 1),  paints, 10 canvases (8×10 size) and more.  Everything you need to make ten canvases in one day. Even lunch is included from Evonda’s Cafe.

What’s the benefit of making 10 in one day? The play and the practice.

When you make only 1, there is extra pressure to make it “good”. That pressure is often what makes it “not good”.  The more canvases you pour, the more comfortable and relaxed you are with the process.  Paint Pouring Palooza guides you get over the hesitation and immerses you in the play.

Having 10 finished means you have gifts ready to give or you can fill a wall in your home.  I’ll be sharing how to do the backing and mounting and hanging of the canvases with you also.

You get to try multiple techniques as you put in to practice the technical information you’re learning.  As you have questions, I’m right there answering them and guiding you through the process. Here are just some of the technical skills you’ll know after our day together

  • how to build a composition of color as your pour
  • cell making techniques
  • tips and tricks to adding paint to the cup to get the results you want
  • how to mix up your own custom pouring recipe
  • how to keep brights bright
  • what makes the glossy shine
  • most of all, having all your questions answered as you’re pouring.

How will you get 10 wet canvases home?  They need to dry before you take them home so you can come back and pick them up later in the week and if you’re from out of town, Glenda, our amazing host, will box them up and ship them to you once they are dry.  You’ll just pay the actual shipping cost.

When? December 1st, 2018 10am-5pm

Where? Pendleton Art Center, in Middletown, Ohio, basically at the top of Cincinnati. To the north for those of you who prefer cardinal directions.

Cost?  $150 includes everything but the apron so no hunting for the “right” supplies, no gathering up of a long list of needed items, all you have to do is show up with an apron ready to have fun. PLUS my online workshop, Paint Pouring FUNdamentals ($99 value) is included too!

Join me for some in person play at Paint Pouring Palooza, where you’ll be making 10 canvases.  Yes, 10 in one day! That means you’ll have a stack of gifts ready to give or keep for your own walls. No experience needed to create canvases that take your breath away.


Dryer vents aren’t just for dryers!  They are for gel printing too!  This flexible tube makes the best fine lines on a gel plate!  It not only removes the paint to create the pattern, it also can be used to add paint.  Be sure to see how at the end of the video.

Watch on YouTube.

Start by putting 2 colors of paint on your gel plate.  One lighter and one darker shows the pattern best.

To make the dryer vent easy to roll, put a stick in it.  Or a rolling pin, or dowel rod or a heavy cardboard tube.  Whatever you have around and the roll it like a rolling pin. As you do that, the color with transfer around in thin little lines.

A hybrid ghost print?  Yes!  There was still some paint on the dryer vent, so I rolled it back on the plate.  That created some lines and there were a few already left on there since I never took the ghost print.

Brayer clean up sheets are for more than just cleaning a brayer.  They are great for getting up all the last bits of paint.  Since it’s the same colors, it all matches and with just a touch of pattern, that random brayered paper can look fabulous!

Here are the supplies used. Some of these links are affiliate links which means I get a small percentage. It doesn’t cost you anything extra and it helps keep the free tutorials coming!

The purple paint is by Plaza art but the color has changed so can’t find a link with the same version of color used in the video.