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Meet the Crazies at Art Is You

Meet the Crazies at Art Is You in StamfordThere are all sorts of crazies you can meet at Art Is You.  I should know since I meet the best artsy friends there!  I still remember my first Art Is You.  I nervously went by myself and left with friends.  The theme this year is Art Is Your BFF and it says it all.  But that’s not the kind of crazies I mean…this post is about meeting the crazies in your paintings, the workshop I am teaching in October.

You can watch Meet the Crazies Workshop at Art Is You on YouTube here.

Meet the Crazies Workshop by Carolyn Dube at Art Is You


The Crazies are fun characters that pop up in paintings!  These people live inside every paint tube and I’ll show you how to unleash them as we play with paints.  Don’t feel comfortable drawing people? No problem! Drawing these Crazies isn’t drawing at all.




We’ll be using stencils with acrylic paint in very playful non-traditional ways as we lay the foundation for the Crazies.  Along the way you’ll learn how to use your 6 colors for bold and subtle effects before we add the outlines of our Crazies.

Meet the Crazies Workshop by Carolyn Dube at Art Is YouI’ll share with you my 3 simple steps to telling the story behind your characters. It is amazing to watch their personalities emerge.  Although no experience with paint or story telling is needed for this workshop even experienced painters will start seeing all the crazy characters popping up in their paint!


Your finished piece will be mounted on a wooden board no larger than 12×12 so it will easily fit into a suitcase for easy travel.

Meet the Crazies Workshop by Carolyn Dube at Art Is YouSupplies brought by students:

Bring any supplies that you have that do the job of the supplies listed.  We are not going to measure the width of your brush but I included sizes to give you an approximate idea.  I have links to the products I use but please please please use what you have!

$15 Kit fee includes all other supplies.

Hope you can join me for some colorful play time as we Meet the Crazies in our paintings! 

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