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Scripps National Spelling Bee Inspired My Art Journaling

My art journal page was inspired by the National Spelling Bee and a scrap of paper.

Whatever inspires me ends up my art journal, one way or another.  The Scripps National Spelling Bee, which was last week, is a family tradition here since we are an entire family of proud word nerds.  Perhaps that is why the word on the scrap of dictionary paper called to me.

And then that word met with an unfortunate Oops…but that was just an outstanding opportunity presenting suddenly.  Check out the video to see what happened!

Watch on Art journal play inspired by words and an Oops YouTube.

My art journal page was inspired by the National Spelling Bee and a scrap of paper.


This is the scrap that started the whole page.  A piece of dictionary paper with some Bubbles stencil fun.


Want to see all the info on involute?  Merriam Webster has it all here.


  Supplies Used

My art journal page was inspired by the National Spelling Bee and a scrap of paper.


I am forever in awe of the amazing abilities of these kids.  I was on the edge of my seat, holding my breath as each finalist spelled.  I can’t spell to save my soul but I do enjoy a good bee!   Even the helpful hints of the language of origin are of little help to me… but knowing the origin was Asian to French derived from French to Italian seemed to be quite useful to a speller in this year’s competition.

Here’s the tense last word…down to the wire!

Watch feuilleton on YouTube.

But bees are aren’t all tension and nerves…there are some very funny moments.  Here are some of my favorite moments from past years….

Watch on numnah YouTube.

Watch sardoodledum on YouTube.

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  • Peggy June 5, 2014, 8:39 pm

    Carolyn — which fine-line applicators do you use and from where? Thanks! I sure enjoy watching you make art!

    • Carolyn Dube June 5, 2014, 8:59 pm

      Sorry! Forgot to link them up in the supplies – but I’ve got them linked now.

  • mignon June 5, 2014, 10:12 pm

    love the spelling bee videos – those are great. thanks for making me laugh 🙂

  • Rinda June 6, 2014, 1:23 am

    What a great subject for a page. I love text on AJ pages in general and usually use words.

  • Kay Wallace June 6, 2014, 3:30 pm

    Loved your work today, Carolyn…almost as much as the SARDOODLEDOM challenge! I couldn’t stop laughing!

  • Ruth L June 6, 2014, 4:02 pm

    Carolyn, it’s great, (those spelling bee videos are bombastic), I loved your page, thanks for sharing your inspiration sparkles with us!

  • Corrine June 7, 2014, 5:04 pm

    Too funny. I too love spelling bees, though I did not watch, and they are tension filled and there are your favorite little stars you want so badly to win for one reason or another….Word nerd here too, though not as much as I used to be. xox

  • Jo June 8, 2014, 7:24 am

    Totally love this art journal page Carolyn! You totally inspire me each time… and I love how you quickly turn oops or mistakes into beautiful pieces! And I love that thin metal cap paints you used there at the end… where did you get them?

    • Carolyn Dube June 9, 2014, 1:50 pm

      Glad you liked it! You can get the bottles here. I filled it with high flow paints which you can find here.

  • Vicki Romaine June 8, 2014, 4:38 pm

    Another great video…. Guess what I received this weekend? My ticket to a Wed stencil class in Cincy! Yipee! I made the class.

    I’m camping and have all my Gelli stuff with me except gel medium. What can I use to “glue” goodies on my page. Will the wet acrylics do it? I really don’t think I should use my rubber glue.

  • Marjie Kemper June 9, 2014, 3:29 pm

    This was fun to watch! Love the way you worked out your OOPS.

  • Liz June 10, 2014, 12:47 am

    OMG, I love those kids! Amazing!