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Intentionally Imperfect Image Transfers with InkAid

Perfect isn’t always ideal. Sometimes having crisp perfectly straight edges isn’t the goal like when I’m adding an image onto a gel print. That’s when I want those worn irregular aged looking edges and it’s a snap to do with the InkAid image transfer process.

If you’re new to the InkAid image transfer process, I’ve got a video that walks you through the entire process including how to mix the Transferiez solution, what kind of inkjet printers work best with the transfer film, and more! If you’re wondering what to print on your first transfer, I’ve got a free download of images for you- you can get them here.

The trick to getting this imperfect look has to do with the Transferiez solution. Anywhere you put that, your image will transfer. So, if I want the image to not transfer on the edges all I do is not put the Transferiez solution there.

So that means you can easily make an image fit whatever shape you need. In the print below, I wanted the photo only on the blue. No careful measuring or having to figure out how to get everything to line up. I simply put the Transferiez solution on the blue and that’s the only part of the image that transferred.

The InkAid image transfer process works on a wide variety of surfaces – glass, metal, wood, paper, leather, fabric- but my favorite right now is using gel prints. You can see more ways I’ve used InkAid image transfers including on fabric, painting on top of an image transfer, and more. There are so many possibilities with InkAid transfers!

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  • Donna September 9, 2023, 4:23 pm

    You may just have lured me into image transfer! What would happen if, instead of putting the transfer solution on the paper, you dabbed it onto the part of the image you want to print? I was thinking about how you might be able to be even more selective about what you print, isolating a few students from the group picture that you want to print in a particular area of your gel print for example.
    Love your colorful printed tops. I only get brightly colored tops if I wear a plain one when I’m gel printing! I need to shop where you shop!

    • Carolyn Dube September 9, 2023, 4:50 pm

      I haven’t done that, but absolutely give a try to see! I have to have colorful clothes to hide all the paint I get on them, even if I’m wearing an apron!