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I Was Having One of Those Days

I was avoiding an inevitable grown up task, thanks to leftover paint.  My must do project for a deadline was finished but I just had to use up the last remnants of the paint.

Since I really didn’t want the play to stop, I used a small brush.  It had to take me longer to use it up if I used a small brush.  The scrap that I grabbed had been made with lots of juicy spray inks and my Are We There Yet stencil.

As you’ve probably guessed, no matter how long I painted, that task was still waiting for me.  The computer elves were still waiting for me to deal with the computer issue but at least I was in a better frame of mind thanks to the rainbow.

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  • Corrine July 28, 2017, 10:04 am

    That’s a good thing. Creative play always makes me smile again, now the computer stuff, best left up to you! xox