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Crusade 57

There has been so much art goodness happening with Art Every Day Month.  There has been loads of inspiration!  Today, Michelle Ward’s Crusade #57  is my inspiration.    Happily, both challenges are all about creativity and art.  Michelle Ward’s Crusade this month deals with the music that makes you sing out loud.  When I turn on my favorite playlist I just can’t help but sing along & feel great no matter my mood.  This page was created while singing like a tone deaf fool but I had a blast doing it!

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  • Cynthia November 16, 2011, 8:58 am

    Gorgeous page!! I *love* all the movement–not just the figure, but the circles keep rollin’ along! Love it!

  • Cowgirl Red November 16, 2011, 9:37 am

    I feel like I’m rockin with you. Terah

  • julie - spaark November 16, 2011, 10:08 am

    You need to share your playlist with us…always looking for good music. I really like your piece. Lots of movement going on..nice. Your girl rocks!

  • michelle ward November 16, 2011, 10:52 am

    Carolyn, super fun page! The rockin’ girl really sets the tone and those circles ar fab – implies the music is radiating out. I especially love that you included the date – something we often forget to do. Thanks for sharing with the team!

  • Serena November 16, 2011, 3:29 pm

    I love the dancing figure over the background….groovy page!

  • Julie November 16, 2011, 3:45 pm

    Such a fun page, love the energy!

  • Jane November 16, 2011, 8:13 pm

    What a great page! I love the silhouette, the circles and all the energy!

  • Tracey Fletcher King November 16, 2011, 8:34 pm

    This captures the theme perfectly… mind you I wish I looked that groovy when I am singing out loud… have a feeling I look like a complete dork xx

  • Mitzi Zohar November 16, 2011, 10:32 pm

    Your page has a lovely retro feeling. It reminds me of GIGO dancers and 45s. Love it.

  • Rita McGregor November 17, 2011, 3:12 am

    The figure and the circles create a lot of movement. Perfect for this theme! 🙂

  • Valerie-Jael November 17, 2011, 4:10 am

    Great page and singing along is always a great way to lift the mood! Valerie

  • Kelly November 17, 2011, 5:34 am

    I love the vibrant, swirling energy of this one. It makes me want to crank up the music too!

  • Paula - Buenos Aires November 17, 2011, 6:07 pm


  • Sarah (Flo) November 18, 2011, 12:09 pm

    This is FAB! I love the white silhouette with just enough of the background peeping through, and those kind of retro circles. Makes me want to dance 🙂

  • Nordljus November 18, 2011, 12:57 pm

    Beautiful page, I really like the blues and the circles with the added text, and the wonderful movement. I can almost hear you sing!

  • Michelle November 19, 2011, 5:59 am

    Love the blues and the girl’s silhouette! Just gorgeous!