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Playing with Transfer Artist Paper thumbnail

Doing an image transfer is so easy with Lesley Riley‘s TAP.  How easy? It’s even Carolyn proof!  The directions even say “You cannot over-iron it!”  They were right!  My so very sad ironing skills were more than enough to make this work perfectly!  This is a part of the TAP/StencilGirl blog hop so be sure to check [...]

  Lesley Riley is celebrating her class, Mastering the Art of Transfers on Multiple Surfaces with a fantastic blog hop!   You get to see so many different artists using TAP and there is a giveaway on each and every blog! Including this one! Be sure to leave a comment here by Wed., July, 10th at [...]

I am so thankful for challenges- well art challenges that is…I have been working on an upcoming workshop and my brain became a bit fried doing all the non-art behind the scenes work.   I was feeling stuck and every decision felt like a life altering decision.  The Summer of Color rescued me!  How?  I’ll show [...]