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Leftovers. I hated them as a kid. Especially when my parents would mix everything all together to make dinner. Now, I love leftovers. Not the kind you eat, but the artful kind in the studio. The kind of leftovers that make me try something that I hadn’t thought about before, like the neon with the darker teal [...]

4 Simple Steps to Use an Art Book for Inspiration thumbnail

One of the things that I enjoy about reading an art book is that it inspires me to play. Now, I don’t always do exactly what is in the book or do it exactly how the artist did it. It’s a place to jump off, to start, to play. Today, I used Mary Beth Shaw’s [...]

What I Learned When I Tried Encaustic For the First Time thumbnail

When Enkaustikos and Linda Roberston sent me an encaustic kit to play with I was thrilled. I’ve wanted to explore painting with wax for a long time. Every paint brush, the wax, a PanPastel, the tools, the wood cradle – it was all in the kit from Enkaustikos. This box was loaded with just about everything [...]