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Wonky Eyeballs

It was just going to be a few prints.  That’s what I told myself.  And then it happened.  I couldn’t stop.  I didn’t want to stop!  All I had planned to do was get things packed for my upcoming workshop, Gelli® Printing Easy as 1-2-3 in Mason, Ohio.  Just thinking about the 3 steps to making [...]

  Welcome to April’s Colorful Gelli Print Party! The packing tape video by Gelli Arts (here) inspired my play today.  But, alas,  I am patience impaired and did not want to wait for the layers to dry so I played with the tape on the Gelli Plate in a different way.   What did I [...]

    November’s Colorful Gelli Print Party has a very special guest -the round Gelli Plate!   Let’s just say I was a bit excited when the post man arrived with this box with not 1 but 2 round Gelli Plates!     You guessed it –  I am giving away a round Gelli Plate! [...]