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Picasso’s Words

O.O.P.S.!  I put way too much paint on my palette for my last project.  Not a mistake.  Not a fail.  It won’t be wasted because it is just an Outstanding Opportunity Presenting Suddenly for more play with stencils! I even turned this one into a free Spark of Art-spiration…so you can play too!  You can [...]

I’m Prilled to share my latest guest post over at CreateMixedMedia!  That’s not a typo…but I am prone to typos.  I am using Prills on a Gelli® print as I share how I embellished and built up a print.  Check it out over at CreateMixedMedia.com! And…just a reminder…the survey (and the giveaway that goes with it) [...]

Finding the Silly Love Story in My Art Journal thumbnail

When I play in my art journal sometimes a story is revealed to me.  This particular tale, of two lovers separated by time and space brought together thanks to Johnny Cakes, isn’t really Pulitzer prize worthy.   In fact, it is quite a silly love story and I like it that way.   Between you and me…I [...]

Picasso’s Words Build an Art Journal Background thumbnail

Today kicks off 6 days of new stenciling videos and a giveaway each day to celebrate my latest release at StencilGirl!  Since I’m incredibly impatient, I couldn’t wait until Monday to start so I’m turning this on a little early.  I figure you don’t mind… It’s no secret I love words and quotes but something [...]