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Kindergarten Writing

The hardware store is full of potential art supplies that can encourage play. In this week’s Let’s Play video, the kindergartner in me came out to play. Which isn’t surprising because in the store, as I walked past the sandpaper, I just had to touch it. That sandpaper got me thinking about chalkboard art…I love the look of [...]

Video sharing how free and playful creating artfully can be thanks to a 5 year old

I was fortunate to be able to watch a master create recently.  She created with abandon. Pure freedom from an inner critic.  Freedom from judgement.  Who was she?  A  5 year old! My entire artistic journey has been about getting back to that place. She never asked if it was right.  She never asked if it [...]

  There is one important thing to remember when Gelli printing with words.  It’s a biggie.  And I forget it all the time.  How could I forget something so important?  I get into a Gelli printing zone and my brain turns off and lets me create from the heart. What’s the important thing I forget? [...]

Playing like a Kindergarten Kid thumbnail

  Kindergartner’s know how to play, to let go, and be in the moment.  In order to capture some of that spirit, I turned to my own children’s school papers from when they were little to create this stencil.  This is actual kid writing with invented kid spelling.   When I showed this stencil my [...]