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Cutouts by Matisse

Use gel prints to turn a cheap phone case into something uniquely you! thumbnail

How can you turn a plain cell phone case into something uniquely yours?  By using a clear phone case and putting any paper you’ve made in it.  In the video, you’ll see an inexpensive $6 phone case become. You’ll see the easy way to get the exact template you need to cut your paper and [...]

A Silly Collage to Shake off Stress thumbnail

There was a stress intervention from the Muse at the request of my family. Grown up responsibilities had been getting the better of me.  As I played and added more layers to this collage, a ridiculous plot involving Alfred Hitchcock appeared.  The sillier the plot, the less stress I felt. https://youtu.be/7SulNBaTe8w Watch Shaking off stress with [...]

Coloring Pages for the Impatient Inspired by Matisse thumbnail

Patience is a virtue that I have not mastered, especially when coloring and pattern making. However, I really enjoy exploring colors and patterns. The solution  for me is to use a crayon rubbing and an extremely juicy “pen” that can cover a lot of area quickly hence minimal patience is required. What are stencil crayon rubbings?  You might [...]

Getting Lost in the Land of What If thumbnail

What if? This is the question that I asked in my art journal today. This page went through a lot, including some very ugly layers.  Since this was what if play, it didn’t matter if a layer was ugly.  It didn’t matter if it had no direction. It only mattered that I asked what if. [...]

The Gel Printed Matisse Grid with my Geometry Fail thumbnail

OOPS! The plan was to build the grid with 3 colors by having each color in each row and no color touching itself.  I thought it was a solid plan. It wasn’t, since after row #2, I was backed into a corner.  Okay, that sounds a bit dramatic but for a fleeting second that is [...]