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Arched Fountains

A Mixed Media Contract with the Universe thumbnail

The muse had me on a need to know basis for this piece of art.  I only knew what was happening in that moment, without any idea of what the next layer would hold.  I was so in the dark, I didn’t know that it would become a gift for my daughter as she graduates and [...]

Getting Lost in the Land of What If thumbnail

What if? This is the question that I asked in my art journal today. This page went through a lot, including some very ugly layers.  Since this was what if play, it didn’t matter if a layer was ugly.  It didn’t matter if it had no direction. It only mattered that I asked what if. [...]

A Purple Bunny Hopped Right Into My Art Journal thumbnail

What do I do when I want to play but a blank page doesn’t inspire me?  I grab a Spark of Art-spiration and see where it takes me.  This Spark brought a purple bunny into the studio for another cardboard page in a Permission to Play journal. https://youtu.be/arZKvXOFOV0 Watch Starting an Art Journal Page with a [...]