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Alternating Ovals

The Unexpected Collage thumbnail

It was an unexpected collage that happened in today’s play that started out with intense frustration. Frustration that came from a computer challenge where I was at the point of either getting a sledgehammer or my art supplies to deal with it. Sure, I got my frustration out through play but just when I thought [...]

The 3 Reasons Why I Use Liquitex Spray Paints thumbnail

There are 3 reasons why Liquitex spray paints have become my favorite, especially with stencils. #1 They consistently have the colors I adore, instead of them being seasonal.  Once I fall in love with a color, I want to know I can get more of it.  Otherwise my inner hoarder goes in overdrive worrying that [...]

Using Gel Prints to Make a Holiday Card thumbnail

What can you do with a stack of papers made while gel printing?  One thing is make a fun and fast holiday card. In the video, you’ll see how it was inspired by a sweater and that there was not a thought of measuring.  After all, I’m not a precise type of card maker. https://youtu.be/bj5WQ0Lnzdo Watch [...]

Video showing 3 ways to use a bold patterned stencil to get colorful looks easily!

So excited to share with you 3 new stencils I created for StencilGirl!  These are big bold patterns with just a hint of wonky. The bold shapes mean wide open spaces allowing for lots of opportunities to make colors play off of each other! In the video, I’m sharing 3 different ways you can use these [...]