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Art Journaling FUNdamentals

Why does this art journaling workshop focus on the FUNdamentals?  That’s where confidence and freedom come from when playing!  I’m sharing the principles behind my creative decisions as you see me make the art journal pages so that you can apply them to your play.  Find out more about this workshop here. Ready to dive in [...]

Art Journaling FUNdamentals Workshop thumbnail

A friend of mine wanted to start art journaling but the idea was so overwhelming—the supplies, the ideas, the creativity, what’s wrong, what’s right?— that she couldn’t get started. So much joy in creating—and she was missing out! So many questions racing through her mind: How do you start?  What goes on a page? What [...]

My Husband Makes His First Art Journal Page!

Be prepared to laugh along as I guide my husband as he makes his very first art journal page from start to finish. He definitely puts his own twist on the page as only he can in this free 4 video series all about getting started art journaling. The first video is all about him [...]