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150 year old journal

Want to help me decide? thumbnail

I could really use your help deciding what I should include in upcoming YouTube and workshop videos about art journaling.  Along with my gratitude for taking just a few moments to help, you’ll also get this exclusive downloadable video! By answering just 3 quick questions you will help guide and steer what I’m creating so [...]

Thinking is Overrated in an Art Journal thumbnail

Thinking isn’t always a good thing. It led to problem after problem on this art journal page. I had thought myself into a quandary but there was a way out of it. https://youtu.be/TGFa_zuQUOc This art journal page has been through a lot. I loved the colorful background that I had. And then I had an [...]

The Danger of Art Journaling thumbnail

There are dangers to beware of when art journaling. You’re not in danger, actually the opposite because art play is soul nourishment and a way to release stress. But it can rather hazardous to certain art supplies. One art supply isn’t gonna make it out of this play alive- see what happens in the video. [...]

It’s Handy to Use Acrylic Gouache in an Art Journal thumbnail

What’s the play for today?  It’s art journaling in the giant, jumbo, vintage ledger- which finally has a name!  As I’m painting the page and tree, you’ll see why acrylic gouache was so handy plus how the Scribble Scratch stencil made leaves on the tree too. At the end of the video, you’ll see how [...]

I Loved this Background and Didn’t Want to Cover it Up! thumbnail

Ever have a background that you love and when it comes time to cover some of it up, you don’t want to?  That’s what happened to me but I found a way around it by using a butterfly stencil-mask and some white paint. You’ll also see a new gizmo that I used to stencil the words [...]

De-Stressing with an Art Journal thumbnail

The to-do list felt never ending.  There wasn’t enough time to get it all done.  Ever felt that way?  I was feeling overwhelmed so I turned to my art journal to help me, the 150 year giant tome of a art journal.  It’s fitting that something so big will help me with a big to [...]

Embedding Washi Tape in the Layers of an Art Journal thumbnail

Washi tape is a great element to add to an art journal page, especially when you do it as one of the early layers.  Why?  Because then the color go right over it and make it fit right in with your style of journaling.  In the video, notice how much the tape stands out as [...]

Capturing Exhilaration with Paint Splatters thumbnail

Do you have to know where you are going when you start? Nope. I wanted to capture a feeling on this page in my art journal but had no idea which feeling until I started splattering Pam Carriker’s paint. Then it was crystal clear which emotion belonged on this page. This journal is a giant 150 [...]

A Daring Art Journal Page in the 150 Year Old Journal thumbnail

This 150 year old Grantee ledger was destined to become an art journal the moment I saw it.  This is a one of a kind journal and it called for something special. After getting the journal home, a little research enlightened me as to to what it was originally used for. It was for recording the receiver of property, the [...]

The 150 Year Old Ledger is Becoming an Art Journal thumbnail

Ever just see something in a store and you knew it was meant to be yours?  Like love at first sight?  That’s what happened with this huge ledger. Even though I had no rational idea of what I was going to do with it at the time, I had to bring it home! Thank you Kristin for [...]