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Brown Paint Confessions

During an interview I confessed a few things, such as why I used to buy brown paint and why my kids wish I had gotten in to art sooner.

You’ll also find out what surface is great to work on if you’re looking for ways to loosen up, let go, and play. Plus discover how art can help you in non-art areas of your life.

Grab a drink, pull up a chair, and join Nat Kalbach and I for a chat in the video below. Who’s Nat? She’s Nat Kalbach, the wizard behind Creative JumpStart, in it’s 9th year!

What is Creative Jump Start?

It’s a one of kind online event with 31 downloadable videos, each from a different artist, with one each day in January. It’s like a creative buffet of different styles, approaches and fun!

If you’re thinking about joining the fun of Creative JumpStart, the early bird sale is happening right now so if you’d like a new video every day in January, jump on in before the price goes up.

Creative JumpStart is regularly $60 but the earlier you join the better your discount!

  • December 3rd 12:01AM EST until December 6th 11:59PM EST $45
  • December 7th 12:01AM EST until December 31st 11:59PM EST $50
  • January 1st 12:01AM EST $60

Join me, and 30 other instructors and kick off 2020 with creativity in Creative JumpStart!

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  • Tamra Carboni December 6, 2019, 2:22 pm

    I absolutely loved this conversation. It was so much fun to laugh along with the two of you and to hear some of the more serious perspectives as well. This has convinced me to sign up for JumpStart.