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21 Secrets Giveaway!

21 Secrets Fall


I am honored to be a part of such a wonderful group of creative souls in 21 Secrets Fall!  On October 1st, the ebook comes out! One wonderful ebook jam packed with color photos, instructions, and of course,  downloadable videos!


Freedom from Fear with Carolyn Dube in 21 Secrets!Included in there will be my Freedom from Fear videos!   I share ways to play without any fear or judgment while creating – including how to get past the intimidation of the blank page, how to thwart the fear that rises up after you’ve started, and how to find the freedom in the imperfections.  Be prepared for something rather silly and fun that will quiet a cranky inner critic!


You can find all the details about all 21 teachers and sign up info here.


21 Secrets Fall Art Journaling Workshop



You can win one of two 21 Secrets Fall that I’m giving away thanks to the very generous Hali Karla and Connie Hozvicka!



I’m giving one to a randomly selected newsletter subscriber.  Current subscribers don’t need to do a thing – you’re already entered!  Not a subscriber yet? No problem, sign up here.   Just be signed up before my next newsletter goes out on Sunday, Sept. 28th.


I’m giving another one away to one randomly selected person who comments on this blog post! Be sure to leave your comment by Sept. 28th at 8am EST.  Want another chance?  Share about it on Facebook, or Pinterest, or Twitter ( you get the idea) then come back and leave a comment telling where you shared for extra chances! The blog giveaway is now closed.  You can find the winner here.



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  • Arlene Abramson September 16, 2014, 6:09 am

    Would love to win the class 21 secrets. I registered for art is you in stamforda few months ago….that’s where I found you….and have been following you since….will be in your class there….taking one pull wonders now!! Lots of good secrets in that class !! The tips are great secrets but telling everyone about how great, motivating, and fun you are is no secret !!!

  • Kelly September 16, 2014, 6:10 am

    Love your lessons!

  • Dianne Thompson September 16, 2014, 6:20 am

    thanks for the chance to win a spot, keeping fingers crossed

  • Gloria Bryant September 16, 2014, 6:20 am

    Carolyn, I have never won one of these but I totally believe one day I will!! 🙂
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter! Hugs, Gloria

  • Mary C. Nasser September 16, 2014, 6:26 am

    Congratulations, Carolyn!! You are on a roll!!!!

  • Sandy :) September 16, 2014, 6:35 am

    Looks like a wonderful class and would be just fabulous to join in.. Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  • Leeann Koesters September 16, 2014, 6:41 am

    I love that you are teaching in this amazing group! So exciting 🙂 xxx

  • GERDA September 16, 2014, 6:42 am

    love to win 21 SECRETS

  • Tara September 16, 2014, 7:02 am

    I would love love love to be a part of this.

  • Elise Cole September 16, 2014, 7:06 am

    You, and 21 secrets, has enhanced my life……. More than you know…….. Thank ewe….. ✂️

  • Rachelle Eason September 16, 2014, 7:21 am

    I love how you have shared your journey and story…it has made a connection with me. It would be fabulous to win a spot in 21 Secrets 2014 and a chance to ride along side for this next part!

  • Rita Hatcher September 16, 2014, 7:24 am

    This sounds like so much fun! Would love to win!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Pam September 16, 2014, 8:10 am

    Congratulations, Carolyn! What an amazing and creative group. Thank you for the opportunity to win and the chance to quiet the critic .. If only the inner one 🙂

  • Debra dane September 16, 2014, 8:11 am

    I would love to win this. I have been wanting to sign up for ages.

  • Donna L September 16, 2014, 8:19 am

    I have taken 21 secrets in the past and it was a great way to get an introduction to the different instructors and find one or two (or three!) that resonated with me. Thanks for chance to win a spot!

  • Sylvia Tabor September 16, 2014, 8:27 am

    Oh, this is surely to delight my kindle! Sign me up, add me to the list, and pick me, pick me…

  • Tanya Phenis September 16, 2014, 8:50 am

    I would love to win 21 secrets class! Thank you so much for the chance to be a part of this wonderful class!

  • Cathy Basinski September 16, 2014, 9:03 am

    This would be so wonderful to have to learn from all these different artisits. Good luck everyone!!!

  • Boo September 16, 2014, 9:17 am

    Thanks for the give away. 21 Secrets looks like so much fun.

  • Boo September 16, 2014, 9:19 am

    I shared it on facebook. Thanks for the give away.

  • Shari Czerwinski September 16, 2014, 9:23 am

    You have such wonderful classes, hope to be joining you for this one!

  • Shari Czerwinski September 16, 2014, 9:26 am
  • Shari Czerwinski September 16, 2014, 9:28 am
  • Vicki Romaine September 16, 2014, 9:42 am

    Looking forward to seeing all the hints and ideas from each teacher.

  • Pat September 16, 2014, 9:58 am

    I would love to join you at 21 Secrets! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Pat September 16, 2014, 10:01 am

    Shared on Facebook! I really want to win!

  • Marguerite Harty September 16, 2014, 10:31 am

    This looks fantastic; boy would I love to win it! Carolyn you rock.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • Marguerite Harty September 16, 2014, 10:33 am

    Oh and I just shared this info on facebook..

  • Mary September 16, 2014, 10:39 am

    Hi, Carolyn,
    Would love to win! I so enjoy watching you work, always getting inspired to get busy doing something artsy and fun. Thanks for all you do! ☺

  • Claudia Forrest September 16, 2014, 10:55 am

    Pick this artsy gal!

  • Kathryn September 16, 2014, 11:26 am

    What a generous offer! You are such a great teacher and I look forward to checking out 21 Secrets. Right now I’m absorbed in One-Pull Wonders! 🙂

  • Janice September 16, 2014, 11:31 am

    Sounds amazing! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Bev September 16, 2014, 11:36 am

    What a wonderful giveaway! Would love to take your course as part of 21 Secrets!

  • Jo-Ann September 16, 2014, 11:59 am

    It would be a pleasure to learn from such a talented group of instructors! Shared this on Facebook to help spread the awareness of this art adventure !

  • Win Dinn September 16, 2014, 12:30 pm

    How did I miss signing up for your newsletter? Following on FB, YouTube and Google just isn’t enough! Thanks for the reminder, and please pick me! 😀

  • Gemma maggs September 16, 2014, 2:17 pm

    I have signed up to your newsletter, left a comment and shared it on Facebook x

  • Gemma maggs September 16, 2014, 2:21 pm

    I have always wanted to take part in this course, but have never got around to it.
    It looks amazing this year and I would love a chance to win a place. Thank you for the opportunity x

  • Aritas September 16, 2014, 2:23 pm

    I was introduced to art journaling via an art retreat and both were life changing.

  • Donna Johnson September 16, 2014, 2:34 pm

    Thanks, Carolyn!

  • Lori W September 16, 2014, 3:11 pm

    Thanks for the chance at a spot!!!

  • Lori W September 16, 2014, 3:13 pm

    Tweeted about the giveaway @chefswifelife is my handle – thanks for the second chance!

  • Jackie September 16, 2014, 3:28 pm

    Congratulations on teaching at 21Secrets!!

  • Cheryl Gebhart September 16, 2014, 3:56 pm

    I would love to win! Thanks for the generous giveaway.

  • coco.nut September 16, 2014, 4:00 pm

    I’d love to win, thank you for this opportunity!!! 21 Secrets seems just what I need right now!

  • Carol M September 16, 2014, 4:02 pm

    Cool? Love a chAnce to win.

  • Mandy Fariello September 16, 2014, 5:15 pm

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  • karen September 16, 2014, 6:19 pm

    Already signed up for 21 Secrets and can’t wait for it to begin!

  • Deb September 16, 2014, 6:26 pm

    I never win anything, please call me wrong ! Would cherish a spot.

  • Josie September 16, 2014, 7:12 pm

    I love your blog and video’s.

  • Lucy September 16, 2014, 7:28 pm

    I sure would love to be chosen for this!

  • Kathie Hatfield September 16, 2014, 7:46 pm

    Can’t wait!

  • Barbara I. September 16, 2014, 8:06 pm

    How I’d love to win a spot in the 21 Secrets Fall classes! Thanks for the chance, Carolyn. I appreciate all the inspiration you share with us online. You are always a lot of fun to watch and I love your art. Thanks for teaching me that an OOPS is OK!

  • Barbara l September 16, 2014, 8:09 pm

    Carolyn, I just posted info about this giveaway on my Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/Barbara.Kopf.Israel Thanks again for a chance to win!!

  • cathy @ ma vie trouvee September 16, 2014, 8:13 pm

    wow – another great giveaway! thank you for your generosity on your videos and giveaways! You inspire us all!!

  • lizzie September 16, 2014, 8:47 pm

    Thank you to Hali, Connie and Carolyn for this fabulous giveaway. It would be awesome to win. I need all the help I can get.

  • Susan Schultheis September 16, 2014, 9:08 pm

    How exciting! I would love love love to win participation in 21 Secrets! The best present ever. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Susan Schultheis September 16, 2014, 9:11 pm

    I am back to let you know the 21 Secrets info is now pinned on my board at Pinterest and on my FB page. Thanks again, Sue

  • Rita Montgomery September 16, 2014, 9:44 pm

    Fabulous giveaway. Would love to join you and the other talented ladies on this journey. Thanks for the chance.

  • Katy September 16, 2014, 10:09 pm

    Thanks for being so generous!!!

  • sandy k September 16, 2014, 10:33 pm

    I enjoy yo blog…am experimenting and having fun but would love to win a class or book to get better results..

  • Chandra Merod September 16, 2014, 11:31 pm

    Sounds like a good time with silliness and fun!

  • ellen dygert September 16, 2014, 11:32 pm

    This looks like an awesome workshop! Would love to win!!!!

  • Bibi Lindahl September 17, 2014, 1:19 am

    WOW, what an awesome giveaway! Thank you!! I’ve signed up for your newsletter (about time, ey?) and also shared this giveaway on my Facebook wall.
    Good luck, everyone! 🙂

  • Linda m September 17, 2014, 6:27 am

    I am currently taking your class 1 pull wonder. Watched lesson 1. And can’t wait to get my hands and gelli full of paint. Brings the little kid out in me!!

  • RuthL September 17, 2014, 11:32 am

    So wonderful that you are also among the 21 Carolyn, I am sure it’s gonna be a great opportunity to get new ideas from all of you! And yes of course I am going to share it on my social network. Twitter: https://twitter.com/Lerusho/status/512261253826641920 , FB:
    https://www.facebook.com/Lerusho/posts/1482506912010676 , pinned: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/168673948519387718/ , google+: https://plus.google.com/115456998212233527051/posts/EBXEg7XVtG2

  • Cecilia September 17, 2014, 12:33 pm

    I’d love to win a free spot on 21 Secrets! I’ve long wanted to sign up for it, but time constraints have kept me from it. Now I’m free and clear, so bring it on!

  • Susie Donovan September 17, 2014, 12:36 pm

    Id love to win 21 secrets!! Shared on fb

  • Karin September 17, 2014, 1:51 pm

    I love your beautiful artwork! This workshop looks amazing.

  • Felicia Aaron September 17, 2014, 1:52 pm

    How awesome to be a part of such a creative crowd! Exciting! Thanks for the opportunity Carolyn! Woot!

  • Sue September 17, 2014, 2:10 pm

    Oh WOW! How much fun would that be to win? More fun than a barrel of monkeys! or junquies! I would love to win of course…thank you for the chance to be the lucky winner here!

  • Liz Lumsden September 17, 2014, 2:13 pm

    Wow do I need to watch you video. I am my own worse critic and get so intimated trying new things….I always have good intentions.

  • Lisa M September 17, 2014, 4:43 pm

    Sweeeeet!! I would love to win a spot in this awesome class!!! Thanks for the chance Carolyn!

  • Dawn September 17, 2014, 7:00 pm

    Wow! I would love to be apart of 21 Secrets Ever since I came across your youtube videos I have been inspired. It is comforting to hear that even someone as experienced as you has that inner critic. I am working to quiet that voice.

  • Jo Seymour September 17, 2014, 10:25 pm

    I would be thrilled to win a spot for this class! Keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Marjie Kemper September 18, 2014, 6:25 am

    I’m already signed up so keep my name out of the hat for someone else to have a chance. Looking forward to it!

  • Denise Smart September 18, 2014, 8:27 am

    Many new to me faces in the 21 Secrets line-up. This could be epic!!! Thanks for giving someone the chance to win a spot.

  • Betty September 18, 2014, 11:15 am

    Thank you for the chance to win. What a great line up!!

  • gloria browning September 18, 2014, 7:08 pm

    if I win can I trade it on for your pull class….??? Don’t be offended… id just rather take the pull class….xoxo

  • MaggieM September 18, 2014, 8:19 pm

    Carolyn, you crack me up…I loved your post on your artistic sins. Please enter me in the 21 Secrets giveaway:)

  • Jean Marmo September 18, 2014, 9:01 pm

    Wow – another amazing class! I so need to learn to play without fear!

  • Elsa September 18, 2014, 10:19 pm

    So glad I found you on YouTube. Watched the video where you had your husband do the gelli printing. What a hoot! He is a keeper for going along with that. Subscribed to your newsletter. I am a metal smith but have the yearning to Lear all of these new techniques. Taking a class in November with Michael deMeng. So excited! Back to watching more of your videos…TTFN

  • Donna September 18, 2014, 10:36 pm

    Hi, Carolyn! Thanks for all of the fun and colorful classes. 🙂

  • Elsa September 18, 2014, 10:36 pm

    Ok, commented on the post, shared on 2 Facebook pages Which triggers a tweet, and followed/pinned you on Pinterest. Think I want to win?

  • Ellen September 18, 2014, 10:37 pm

    Would love to be a part of 21 Secrets. I love everything you do, Carolyn. You approach art with joy and laughter and share it so easily. If you’re a part of 21 Secrets, it’s gonna be great!

  • Gini September 18, 2014, 11:30 pm

    I’d love to win a place in 21 secrets; thanks for sharing the artsy goodness!

  • steph September 19, 2014, 1:43 am

    Awesome. thanks for the giveaway. I am so interested in my art journal information.

  • silvia gonzalez dupuy September 19, 2014, 4:15 am

    Thank you for this opportunuty Carolyn! I love all your work…I hope I see you at 21 secrets…

  • Susie Donovan September 19, 2014, 9:45 am

    Shared on fb!!

  • Susie Donovan September 19, 2014, 9:47 am

    Shared on pintrest xoxo

  • Jennifer September 19, 2014, 10:42 am

    I love watching your videos – would love to take one of your classes!!

  • Jennifer September 19, 2014, 10:44 am
  • Kel Rohlf September 19, 2014, 5:10 pm

    I loved participating in 21 Secrets last fall… I would love to win a spot this year!

  • Rachel Holdgrafer September 19, 2014, 5:15 pm

    Thank you so much for this post! It gives me hope that I’m not the only one with a perpetually messy studio! After all the gorgeous pics of perfect studios out there I was starting to think I was the only one!

  • Melanie K September 20, 2014, 10:27 am

    Thanks for a chance to win! I can’t wait for the release!

  • Kelley September 20, 2014, 8:04 pm

    Have done 21 secrets a couple of times, but always ran out of time to finish the lessons. Good change to go fully downloadable, hope I win a seat!

    Shine on!

  • Martice Smith II September 21, 2014, 2:32 am

    I love embracing those happy accidents / imperfections! It’s the epitome of a true artist at play 🙂 Some of our best work comes from experimenting and freeing ourselves from trying to create the next masterpiece. Thanks for the giveaway, Carolyn!

  • Gabriele September 21, 2014, 8:10 am

    I so loved last years 21 secrets and I would love to win this wonderful giveaway!

  • Gloria 4 September 21, 2014, 2:07 pm

    Carolyn, i would LOVE to take this workshop, thank you so much for the opportunity to enter! !!

  • Shari Czerwinski September 25, 2014, 9:25 am
  • Dawn mlodoch September 25, 2014, 2:56 pm

    This class looks simply amazing Carolyn!

  • Lanie J. September 27, 2014, 7:22 pm

    I loved the Spring 21 Secrets and would love to do the Fall 21 Secrets. Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  • Lanie J. September 27, 2014, 7:23 pm
  • alesia ortego September 27, 2014, 7:23 pm

    I would love to win thank you for the opportunity!!!!

  • Ann Cumbie September 27, 2014, 7:25 pm

    I’ve already paid for my Fall 2o14 21 Secrets. If I should win, I am going to give it to my friend, Boo.

  • Lanie J. September 27, 2014, 7:26 pm

    I shared on my facebook page too! https://www.facebook.com/LanieJAndCo

  • Jenn Henrichs September 27, 2014, 7:37 pm

    Oh this looks so wonderful, thank you for the opportunity ,,!!!

  • Melissa Schroeder September 27, 2014, 7:39 pm

    Would love to learn from the talented artist of 21 Secrets!

  • Dara Lynn Hale September 27, 2014, 7:41 pm

    Glad I caught this post on Facebook!!!! I loooove online classes and this is a great lineup for 21 Secrets!

  • Jenn Henrichs September 27, 2014, 7:46 pm
  • Jenn Henrichs September 27, 2014, 7:50 pm

    And posted to Facebook too: https://m.facebook.com/jenn.henrichs?fref=nf

  • Carole Carrick September 27, 2014, 7:52 pm

    21 Secrets looks amazing…good luck to everyone but I hope its me lol.x

  • Sandy :) September 27, 2014, 7:52 pm

    I would so love to win this wonderful prize.. Thanks for the chance to win..
    Sandy 🙂

  • Jenn Henrichs September 27, 2014, 7:56 pm

    And one more on instagram: http://instagram.com/henrichs2010

  • Winecountryman Jim September 27, 2014, 8:07 pm

    I love being a part of the Group acolorfuljourney and I think I can.. I think I can win one of these days..so I will keep on watching even If I don’t win because I always learn something From Carolyn and I love to laugh and play along!
    I am a good secret keeper if I win I promise!!

  • Boo September 27, 2014, 8:20 pm

    I have a new email so I don’t know if I’m still registered so I thought I’d try again.
    Thanks for the give away

  • Gloria Bryant September 27, 2014, 8:29 pm

    I would love to take 21 secrets, I enter every giveaway and never ever win but I am keeping the faith that one day I will. Thank you for the opportunity to enter to win!! 🙂

  • Kerry September 27, 2014, 8:35 pm

    Woooo… what an awesome lineup!! It’s going to be a blast and super fun! Thanks so much for a chance to win! 🙂

  • Catherine Fishbaugh September 27, 2014, 9:23 pm

    I am new to your site and really enjoyed all that you have posted!

  • Margriet September 27, 2014, 9:27 pm

    Who would not want to know about 21 secrets? I surely would like to win!

  • Heather Warner-Ferguson September 27, 2014, 10:11 pm

    Am so glad I found your blog and facebook…. Am excited to start following you and gathering inspiration!

  • Lisa September 27, 2014, 10:36 pm

    Hey woman! Congrats on the teaching gig! Would love to get in 21secrets again 🙂

  • Tyna Caldwell September 27, 2014, 11:52 pm

    I am new to all of this but I love your style and have watched all of you videos that I can get to. You inspire me to just start creating and for a newbie that is so hard when the people you see are so talented. Here is to “just keep trying”! Thank you again.

  • Liven September 28, 2014, 12:50 am

    So much want to join, you know! You are a true inspiration, Carolyn! Best, Licen!

  • Liven September 28, 2014, 1:17 am

    I have shared it with the world!! Pinterest, instagram og FB!

    Hope! :), Liven!

  • Jo Urbani September 28, 2014, 2:52 am

    I would so LOVE to win 21 Secrets! Thank you so much for the chance to win.

    Jo x

    • Jo Urbani September 28, 2014, 2:57 am

      Shared on Facebook (Jo Urbani) and Twitter @joannaurbani 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Vicky September 28, 2014, 3:42 am

    who wouldn’t want to win a spot in such a fabulous class, definitely count me in for the draw!

  • Andrea September 28, 2014, 6:23 am

    I love all your online classes and would love to win a place on 21 Days. Andrea

  • Cheryl September 28, 2014, 6:47 am

    This looks like a great class. I would LOVE a chance to be part of it.

  • Beverley September 28, 2014, 9:56 am


  • shawna vail September 28, 2014, 1:44 pm

    I love your videos.