Using a Stencil to Make an Ornament

Video tutorial showing how to use a stencil, fabric, and a Gelli print to make an ornament by Carolyn Dube


This little  stenciled ornament should be called Oops.  Why?  Because there was one after the other while I was making this using Sue Pelletier’s Loose Dress stencil over at StencilGirl.  This was supposed to be a little purse/bag to give as a gift…then an Oops happened so that wasn’t possible…My carefully thought out plan went out the window pretty quickly…

You can watch Making an ornament out of a stencil, fabric and Gelli prints on YouTube here.

Want to see more of Sue’s stencils in action?  There are lots of great ideas in this hop!  And you know there’s a giveaway over on StencilGirl Talk.  Best part- every comment you leave on every blog in the hop is a chance to win.  One comment per blog please (but you probably guessed that).  The giveaway will end on Monday, December 16th at 11:59PM Central Time.

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46 Responses to Using a Stencil to Make an Ornament

  1. Denise Spillane says:

    This is adorable. I just saw Judy’s too. Love it.

  2. Gill says:

    What a great idea!

  3. Jo Murray says:

    Yay! What an imaginative ornament…the kids would love it!

  4. Erin says:

    Very precious! …. and so creative!

  5. Oh Carolyn, I was literally laughing out loud (with you!!! not at you) as I watched your ‘oops’ moments in this video! I love your little bag idea…and think you should revisit that now that you know the pit falls…maybe try the old right sides together stitching idea and then turn it ;o) but the ornament is so adorable! Such a fun and original ornament!

  6. Theresa H says:

    Hi Carolyn, I love your Oops style. I spend so much time planning a project & preparing for all the possible problems that at the end of planning I’m bored with the idea & don’t actually end up making anything ;-) The ornament turned out to be so adorable & I love the idea of turning the stencil into a bag. The best thing is you’ve already listed some of the potential problems = less prep :-)

  7. April Lopez says:

    Love this ornament. And I love these stencils.

  8. Jane says:

    Love how your oops turned out.

  9. This turned out just as it should have – a super whimsical ornament. I love it. Samy and I laughed out loud watching your video. It was wonderful.

  10. Judy Shea says:

    I loved seeing this oopsie process, but you know.. I love how it came out. It’s perfect. I think putting this on a tree, they will see it all the time. Great idea.

  11. Corrine says:

    I love it when your oop’s come together in new and surprising ways. xox

  12. Jackie says:

    OOps! You did it again! heehee Great piece Carolyn! Looking forward to the purse too!

  13. First, I love the ornament. Second, I loved hearing how it all came to be, complete with oooops and giggles!

  14. Daryl says:

    That is just absolutely darling!

  15. Christy Brink says:

    So cool. Love it!

  16. Oh my goodness, I love this video. What a great idea for making ornaments and for continuing with a project despite a few Oops. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Oh my gosh! You had me cracking up in this video, Carolyn!!
    Is the photo baby Carolyn? :)
    Really cute.

  18. RaNae Ellett says:

    I really love the stencil girl stencils, the Loose woman is awesome, would love to get my hands on some of these stencils an spend a weekend in my studio

  19. Kay Wallace says:

    Not an oops, but an opportunity, right! And I love the direction this project took to lead you to a perfect family ornament! Well played, my friend!!

  20. Jean says:

    Love the ornaments and the stencils!

  21. Marsha says:

    Isn’t OOPS! how some of the greatest things turnout!?! Wonderful original idea, and a great save. Thanks for sharing with us!

  22. You have done it again! Your projects put a smile on my face and I thank you for that! This will be a treasured ornament!!!

  23. what amazing idea! fabulous!

  24. Susie F says:

    So cute. Love the stencil.

  25. Ruth L says:

    Oh Carolyn, it’s such a cute ornament!

  26. Kirsten Reed says:

    Such determination!!! LOvE it and your sense of humor! xxoo

  27. Caroline D. says:

    You’re so very creative!! What a fun and unique ornament!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  28. Kate M says:

    The Queen of Oops strikes again – Loving your style.

  29. Melissa says:

    All kinds of fun to be had with these stencils

  30. Elizabeth Kaplan says:

    Another floportunity turned into a win! Glad I found the comments! Type was very small. ;-)

  31. Sandy says:

    Here’s to OOPS!! One of my favorite techniques is to take family pics and play with them like this:)

  32. sue schultheis says:

    I just love your ornaments using Sue’s dress stencils. What a great idea. Sue’s stencils are just so much fun and would love to win a set. Thank you.

  33. Helen Markee says:

    the dress stencil is sooo cute.

  34. Mary says:

    I love how your oops turned into a darling ornament. You are so creative. Thanks for sharing.

  35. NancyLee says:

    You are a hoot! Very sweet!

  36. Linda Kelly says:

    My grandchildren would love this!!

  37. Billie A says:

    I love the ornament and the ooops that brought it to that. I hate when I get my add wet paint before I am done but I always think I will forget to do it if I don’t know.. I love your process. Fun video all the time.

  38. Teresa Richardson says:

    What a great idea to take an oops and turn it into something pretty

  39. Laura Strack says:

    Sometimes the oops moments have the most wonderful results. Your ornament is proof of this…it’s darling. Thanks for sharing, Carolyn!

  40. Eileen says:

    Made my day. Love how you kept going even though you oops moments. Thanks for sharing that with us.

  41. marylouh says:

    Clever idea to put the dress on the head. Looks cute nestled in among the ornaments. Great job.

  42. LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE the way you used your OOPsortunity!!!…loving this hop!

  43. Carmen Lucero says:

    Carolyn, you crack me up! Nothing like a little pre-planning – NOT!! It just goes to show that there are not mistakes, only opportunities!! Love the way the project came out!

    Carmen L

  44. Gabriele says:

    I so love this cute ornament. What a great idea!

  45. Mª Jesús says:

    Un estupendo video para ver las posibilidades de hacer de las pplantillas!!!

  46. Denise Smart says:

    I loved your video!