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Telegram from My Muse

My muse sends me messages.  She doesn’t call.  It’s more like a telegram.  Just short instructions.  I made the choice to follow the art journaling ideas from my muse. But first I had to get out of my head because … Continue reading

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Backed Into a Corner in My Art Journal

In the process of making a pattern with  Thanks A Lotus  I backed myself into a corner. But you’ll see that if I back myself into a corner, I can get myself back out.  The tragedy was averted (pretty easily too…) as … Continue reading

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Mixing Rubber Stamps with Stencils

Rubber stamps with stencils bring out the best in each other.  Bold  lines come from the stencil contrast the fine details of a rubber stamp.  Working together they created a quick art journal page. There is lots of inspiration for … Continue reading

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