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What I Learned Making Snow Ducks

What I learned making snow ducks and how to make them colorful by Carolyn Dube

Playing in the snow brings out the kid inside. Especially when you have a duck snow mold. We learned a few things along the way about how to get a good crisp duck to come out and get a bit of color on them too.

I also learned that I never get tired of saying, “Let’s get our ducks in a row”. However, the kids did get tired of hearing it.


We ordered these from Amazon and at first, the ducks we made didn’t come out well. BUT then we figured out a few things so then we were cranking them out! In the video above you’ll see the most effective way for us.

To color the ducks, we used old empty spray bottles and washable non toxic kids paint (food coloring works great too just didn’t have any of that on hand). I used about one part paint to eight parts water.

I tend to use a very watery ratio because I don’t want to clog the sprayer. We used recycled spray ink bottles. When I use up a bottle, I rinse it out and save it. You can never have enough spray bottles!

The ducks were shaped and then colored with spray but there was also another option we liked just as much. Notice all that colorful snow behind the duck above? When you scoop up that snow into the mold, it comes out already colorful.

These little things are pretty solid so once they’re colorful, you can place them anywhere you want in the snow.

When you’re all done playing, you’ll want to clear the spray nozzle. Even though it’s kids washable paint in here, it’s still paint so that means the sprayers can clog.

The fastest way to clean the nozzle is to have an empty spray bottle filled with water. Simply screw the painty nozzle (and all its parts) on the bottle of water and spray until it runs clear. Then return the nozzle to its original bottle.

When the forecast calls for white stuff, I’m going for the snow ducks! So much easier than a big snowman and maybe even more fun!

Maybe there will be a holiday special one year about Howard the Snow Duck- okay not even snow can turn that old movie Howard the Duck into a winner lol.

Here are the “kids” behind the making of these ducks. They’re all adults, but channeled the kid inside.

Thanks Emma, Naylene, and Anastasia for getting our ducks all in a row!

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  • Marilee McKelvey December 28, 2019, 9:36 am

    What a fun project!
    Now, if only I had the duck maker, some snow, and my kids were still here. Maybe next year! Thanks for sharing Carolyn.

  • Denise Neumark-Reimer December 29, 2019, 11:49 am

    I love getting my ducks in a row – we don’t get snow, but I bet something else would work. I will think about that…

    Happy New Year,